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A recent survey showed that more people fear going to the dentist than they fear heights, dogs, or public speaking. This fear is typically rooted in a previous painful experience or the anxiety of being in a position where they are not in control.

This fear of dentist visits prevents many people from getting proper dental care, which can lead to serious oral health problems, like periodontal disease. Researchers have seen that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without periodontal disease.

It is important for people to see their dentist twice a year for an examination and cleaning. These dental visits will help detect problems before they become serious health issues.

If you are one of those people who avoid the dentist because of fear or anxiety, the cure could be finding the right Knoxville dentist. A dentist, like Dr. Wes Mullins at My Family Dentistry, practices “comfortable dentistry.”

Comfortable dentistry is creating a patient-centered atmosphere in the dental office to put all patients at ease. A casual, yet professional, environment is created by the staff who always focus on the feelings and concerns of the patient.

“Comfort is our chief concern,” says Dr. Mullins.

Ambient lighting in the waiting room is one measure that helps to put patients at ease. Another measure to make sure to address any questions or concerns the patient may have before beginning a procedure.

The staff at My Family Dentistry recognizes that the white lab coat can sometimes subconsciously make some patients feel anxious. Dr. Mullins understands and dresses in business casual clothing, so patients feel confident in his professionalism but not intimidated by the white, antiseptic lab coat.

Comfortable dentistry practices also means keeping the patient’s mind off the dental procedure. Throughout their visit, patients can view a movie on the monitor which provides a pleasant visual distraction. Also, headphones are available to either listen to a movie or music which helps to muffle the anxiety-causing sounds of the dental office. To appeal to all of a patient’s senses, patients can enjoy a paraffin wax hand treatment which enhances the total experience.

Another comfortable dentistry practice is to avoid unnecessary jabbing, poking, and prodding. By using magnification glasses, Dr. Mullins is able to see inside a patient’s mouth and only use precise movements.

If a patient requires a dental procedure that necessitates an injection, Dr. Mullins has the expertise to distract the patient so much so that many patients rarely feel the shot at all. Another comfortable dentistry technique is to gently warm the anesthesia prior to the injection to eliminate the shocking feeling of the cold liquid.

When patients experience anxiety about the prospect of a dental visit, comfortable dentistry can help them overcome their fears and take charge of their dental health.

If you live in the Knoxville or Powell area and are looking for a dentist who practices comfortable dentistry, contact My Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment today.

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