Teeth Whitening is a Bright Idea!

Teeth Whitening

Practically every tube of toothpaste promises to make your teeth whiter. There are dozens of over the counter products that say they can turn your dull, dark smile into one that will light up a room.  Even packs of chewing gum now promise whiter teeth! And make no mistake, a beautiful smile or lack of, can impact a person’s life. Life style choices such as smoking, drinking coffee or tea , and some medications can adversely stain teeth.

We’ve come to understand that the food we eat has a bearing on our state of health and well-being. What we eat and drink also has a direct correlation to our oral health, especially when it comes to teeth stains.

Some of the foods and drinks that cause the most teeth staining are tea, red wine, popsicles, soy sauce and blueberries. Read more about factors that can stain your teeth here

Just importantly, what are you doing to make your teeth whiter?  You can avoid all the foods and drinks in the list above, but if you’re like most of us, you may actually enjoy those treats!  One of the most effective ways to improve the brightness of your smile is with professional teeth whitening services from your local dentist.  Knoxville dentist Dr. Wes Mullins offers the most advanced technology available to whiten your smile.  Contact his office for an appointment today.

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