3D Dental Exam

3D Dental Exam is now easier than ever with the Lava chair-side oral scanner!

In recent years, a visit to the dentist could mean having a tray of gummy paste inserted into the mouth so the dentist can see the dental impression. The ooey-gooey paste always felt like it was sliding down the back of the throat and sometimes triggered the gag reflex.

Thanks to the technological advances of the Lava chair-side oral scanner, used by Knoxville dentist Dr. Wes Mullins, the way dentists get a patient’s dental impression has changed. 3D dental exam covers all the basics of advanced dental diagnostics.

The Lava chair-side oral scanner allows the dentist to take precise digital impressions. The in-motion technology allows the dentist to not only capture digital impressions, but view 3D video images to create a digital impression on a touch-screen monitor.

According to studies, patients appreciate this 3M state-of-the-art technology because of the ease and comfort of the experience. Dentists see benefits from Lava chair-side oral scanners because it enhances tooth restoration in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

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