Zirkonzahn: the Latest in Dental Implant Technology


As a dental health professional, it is exciting to see a patient’s smile transform. It is also rewarding to bring the newest technology to patients and see the results that are often life-changing.

To learn about one of the newest restorative options for dental implants, Dr. Mullins and his lab technician attended a three day course in Atlanta, the U.S. location of Zirkonzahn, the industry leader in this technology.

Zirconia used to restore implants is an alternative to metal acrylic restorations. Zirkozahn use Zirconium, a grayish, white transition metal which, in its purest form, resembles titanium. Zirconium is resistant to corrosion and Zirconium dioxide (Zirconia) is used because of its toughness and chemical resistance. 

“It’s an art,” said Dr. Mullins, “Zirconia dental implants are beautiful and long-lasting.”

One of the recognizable differences between Zirconian implant restorations and acrylic implant restoration is the amazing attention to detail. Zirconium restorations are individually designed in CAD (computer assisted design) and hand-crafted with unique, patient specific characteristics. Zirconia restorations also offer an aesthetic advantage over other material because it is generally indistinguishable from natural teeth. Research also indicates that Zirconia restorations are a more comfortable alternative to other implant materials.

Another advantage of Zirconia implants is that they are not abrasive to natural tooth structures. When the natural tooth rubs against the smooth Zirconia , there is no abrasion or wear to the natural tooth.  When a natural tooth rubs against a porous, porcelain, abrasion occurs and, over time, it can act like sandpaper against the natural tooth.

Zirkonzahn is the company that is at the forefront of Zirconia implant technology. Zirkonzahn was founded by Enrico Steger who has spent the better part of his career perfecting zirconia as a dental restorative material. Today, Steger’s company is the industry leader in dental implant materials, technology, and procedures.

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