Sweden, the Birthplace of Dental Implants

Going back to the roots, my wife and I traveled to the birthplace of dental implants, Gothenburg, Sweden for the DENTSPLY Implants Astra Tech world congress meeting. The setting for this meeting was Gothenburg, Sweden a culture that thrives on research and innovations in many industries.

Although dental implants and maybe awesome coffee was reason enough to go, I could go on for hours about how Sweden has developed many brands that are respected. Companies like IKEA, Volvo, and Saab call their home Sweden, but the most exciting thing was seeing and hearing from implant fathers and their research with dental implants.

As a dentist I have always tried to practice evidence based dentistry and maintain an open mind that there could be something else on the horizon that I could learn and bring back to my patients here in Powell and Knoxville.

It is so exciting to tell people that a Knoxville dentist that is doing proven world class dentistry and will continue to invest in research efforts like our dental implant fore-fathers. 

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