Cause and Treatment for TMD: Insights From Dr. Mullins

Suffering TMD or TMJ Pain

Many dental patients in Knoxville, Powell, and throughout the US come to the dentist for treatment of Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMD). TMD is sometimes incorrectly referred to as TMJ, and TMD is something that many people suffer for a variety of reasons.

TMJ refers to that of the actual Temporal Mandibular Joint where the mandibular jaw is attached to the temporal bone of the head. TMD and TMJ are closely related, but not the same condition.

Dr. Wesley Mullins, in Powell TN studied recently under the top clinicians in world treating orofacial pain problems.  Dr. Okeson operates the only orofacial pain clinic in the country at the University of Kentucky where severe pain and TMD is treated on a regular basis.  

TMD is caused by the following problems: occlusal factors, trauma, emotional stress, deep pain input, and parafunctional habits. Many times the pain we experience in our teeth and jaws may not be the source of the orofacial pain. The TMD pain that patients experience may come from muscle problems of the neck, sinus pain, past trauma such as whip lash.  Did you know that that 1 in 15 people that experienced a heart attack had only jaw pain at the time of the attack?

Dr. Mullins says that because people have less time to take vacation, relax, and de-stress he has seen an increase in night time grinding referred to as bruxism which leads to TMD.  Many people live with pain and Dr. Mullins says sometimes treatment can be as simple as some physical therapy or maybe even a small appliance to sleep eat called a splint or night guard.  

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