What Is The Difference Between a DMD and a DDS?

DDS vs. DMD - What Is the Difference?

What’s the Difference between a DMD and a DDS?

Dental schools in the United States of America offer two different dental doctorates: a DDS, or Doctor of Dental Surgery, and a DMD, or Doctor of Dental Medicine.  The question is sometimes asked: what’s the difference between a DMD and a DDS?

The simple answer, and the truth is: there is no difference.  Both are professionally-trained doctors who have gone through medical training to become dentists.  The only difference is in the name.

That said, it is interesting to think about the two different professional titles, and how they imply slightly different things.

A Doctor of Dental Surgery, such as our own Dr. Wes Mullins, implies a specialty in operating on our mouths to correct dental ailments.  This is certainly true, but it’s not ALL of the truth, and the DDM title gets at the second half of the truth: the health benefits of going to see a dentist on a regular routine for dental health check ups and procedures.

I say this because the Doctor of Dental Medicine title sounds more general or holistic in nature, and indeed, a routine of dental checkups and maintenance has a profound impact on our overall health.  Consider the effect of oral health on our heart health, or the effect of a nice smile on our self-confidence and how we think about ourselves.

So yes – it’s true that DDS and DMD are the same, but it’s also useful to think of our Dentists and how they can help us in both ways: for dental surgery when something in our mouths needs to be fixed, and for overall good health through regular checkups and advice on our day to day oral care.

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