What does hot wax have to do with comfortable dentistry?

Parafiin Wax

Comfort is our chief concern, that’s My Family Dentistry’s motto in Knoxville, TN.  Comfort is our chief concern because so many people don’t return to the dentist because they were hurt.  People neglect oral health and this can lead to loss of teeth, infection, and further effects on overall health.  We strive in every way to make your dental visit a comfortable one. One way we make your experience comfortable is the use of complimentary hot paraffin wax treatments for your hands.  There is reason to do this during a dental visit other than it just feels awesome and it is relaxing.

Medical evidence supports the fact that when you stimulate the extremities either hands or feet you can decrease pain receptors in other parts of the body.  When hot paraffin wax is on your hands this will decrease sensory input to your teeth.  What does this mean to you?  It means while you are having a dental procedure in our office you feel less pain and you overall more comfortable.

One of the coolest things about paraffin wax treatments is that it can be done on any one of any age.  In our office women love this because it normally cost anywhere between 15-30 dollars in salons and spas.  Men are hesitant at first to try this treatment but with a little convincing most men love the experience. If you want an even better dental experience that is comfortable, friendly, and relaxing you need to call and schedule your next visit with the Team at My Family Dentistry.  We would love to wax your hands!

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