Comfortable Dentistry

Studies show that more than 75% of US adult population experiences some level of dental fear. Approximately 5 to 10 percent of the population suffers from dental phobia which results in avoiding dental treatment at all costs and seeking help only when experiencing severe toothache or dental abscess.  Women tend to report more dental fear than men, and younger people tend to report being more afraid of going for dental visits than older individuals.

The importance of seeing your dentist at least twice a year can’t be overestimated. Preventive care will help to avoid possible issues such as gum disease and even oral cancer

If you experience anxiety when going to the dentist, finding the right provider can be tricky. Dr. Mullins at My Family Dentistry in Knoxville, TN practices “comfortable dentistry” and is here to put you at ease.

The main goal of comfortable dentistry is to create casual, yet professional office environment that would help patients become more relaxed and confident before the procedure. Ambient lighting and calming paraffin hand wax will help ease your mind before the procedure. During the treatment patients can view a movie on the screen or listen to calm music through the headphones to get distracted from dental equipment sounds and anxiety associated with the procedure.

Dr. Mullins prefers business casual attire to the white lab coat because he and his staff are certain that the white, sterile lab coat can intimidate patients on the subconscious level. His appearance shows the professional approach to his practice and builds confidence in patients.

Dr. Mullins uses calm voice and precise movements to help patients relax and avoid nervousness during procedure. Wearing magnification glasses allows him to have a complete view of a patient’s mouth and avoids unnecessary movements. Warming anesthetics during the procedure also helps reduce anxiety associated with injecting cold liquid into patient’s jaw. Dr. Mullins also knows how to distract a patient while injecting anesthetics to where he or she doesn’t even realize that they are being poked with sharp needle.

With the compassionate care, professional experience and gentle touch, Dr. Mullins and his team at My Family Dentistry in Powell, Tennessee will make you want to come back and relax at your next dental visit.

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