Benefit Your Life

– By Wesley Mullins, DDS

I say it all the time, oral health can affect your overall health. The reverse is true also, so a few years ago, my wife and I made a decision in our family to eat healthier and eat cleaner foods. If you have ever tried shopping for things that are healthy it can be hard especially if you need things that are special. Gluten free and less processed foods are becoming more available and we have found a great store that is locally owned we frequent there for special foods we love. Benefit Your Life, located in Knoxville, TN has been a great source for hard to find items.

At Benefit Your Life they have some great things. First, they have a great smoothie bar, where they serve awesome healthy smoothies that taste great and are made from healthy ingredients. Their bakery in the back is always cooking some great gluten free and sugar free pastries that taste amazing. Some people think that gluten free taste bad. The truth is that most people have not had properly prepared gluten free food. My wife is completely gluten free and when she cooks the taste is amazing.

Benefit Your Life has some great dental products you should check out. They carry toothbrushes, toothpaste, and some great gum. The gum is 100% xylitol based that helps to fight against decay causing bacteria.

If you are looking for a small locally owned specialty food store, Benefit Your Life is where it’s at. They specialize in making your health better.

My Family Dentistry loves Benefit Your Life, we think you will like it to!

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