My Family Dentistry on YouTube: Dr. Mullins and Anna Marie on Dental Health

Here at My Family Dentistry, we take the “family” part seriously – especially Dr. Mullins!

My Family Dentistry invited Dr. Mullins’s  7-year-old daughter Anna Marie to demonstrate the important dental changes that take place in 7-8 year old children.

In her first video appearance, Anna Marie used her lovely smile to illustrate that at her age, both the front teeth and molars are likely coming in, and permanent teeth are vulnerable to cavities.

For children going through these changes, Dr. Mullins suggests a Panorex x-ray, which circles the head externally to check the progress of permanent teeth and whether any permanent teeth are missing. Regular “bitewing” x-rays should also be taken at this time.

As permanent teeth are coming in, the dentist will also determine if the child needs a sealant to protect new permanent teeth from cavities. Cavities are most likely to form in the grooves of teeth, and at this stage, kids are still learning to brush thoroughly and correctly.

Both a dental sealant and parental reinforcement of good brushing habits can help address this, and even the best brushers (like Anna Marie) sometimes need a reminder!

Do you have a young child with new permanent teeth? Come in to My Family Dentistry for a checkup!  


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