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If you read our blog posts, you’ve heard us talk about “comfortable dentistry” many times – but it turns out, we’re not the only ones!

In a recent article by Meghan Davis of the Knoxville News Sentinel, My Family Dentistry was profiled as a leader in the local dental community for our services helping patients relax and even enjoy there time with us.

The piece quoted our long-time patient Michelle Estrada, who pointed out that visiting our office is a treat for her family. “My 15-year-old daughter has told me that she loves going to the dentist, which is a pretty weird thing for anyone to say. Nobody loves going to the dentist,” she said, crediting the atmosphere of the office and the paraffin hand treatments we offer.

In Davis’s piece, Dr. Mullins explains that the atmosphere of the office and spa-like relaxation treatments are a key element in comfortable dentistry, because they both help distract the patient from his or her anxiety, and stimulate the senses in a positive way. The paraffin hand treatments, for example, serve a very specific purpose. As Dr. Mullins says, “Stimulating the hand actually decreases pain receptors in the mouth, so if there is discomfort, they are less likely to feel it.”

When you come to My Family Dentistry, don’t forget to visit the small relaxation room off of our main lobby, with calming lights and colors, aromatherapy, and relaxing music. “Spas have it down to a science: they dim the lights, have pleasant smells, all to relax a person,” says Dr. Mullins. “So we figured, why not apply that to dentistry?”

The use of music and calming background noise is important; in the article, Dr. Mullins is quoted saying “The number one reason people are scared of the dentist is the sounds they hear.” He goes on to point out that our patients are welcome to bring their own movies or music, and even bring tablets and watch videos on Netflix and other services while having work done.

How have you enjoyed My Family Dentistry’s special brand of Comfortable Dentistry? Let us know in the comments!

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