My Family Dentistry Staff Profile: Becky Leopper

Becky Leopper My Family DentistryEven though she won’t be with us much longer, My Family Dentistry has been lucky to have Becky Leopper. With her first child due in August, she’ll be departing in just a few weeks, and we know you’ll miss her as much as we will!

Becky was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but she didn’t stay there for long. Her family moved to Marathon in the Florida Keys, and later relocated to her mother’s home country of Canada, where she lived for 15 years. She moved to Knoxville to attend Crown College, where she met her husband Dusty. They married 3 years ago, and are excited to welcome the new baby.

Since joining My Family Dentistry in March of 2012, Becky has been an important part of our customer service team. She is primarily responsible for helping patients with insurance claims and questions, but she also offers general support in the office and with patients. She’s been helping to train her replacement, Lynn, so that our patients will experience a seamless transition. While she’s excited to be a mom, her departure is bittersweet; in her words, “I have absolutely loved this job!”

And now, the questionnaire: 

What makes My Family Dentistry special?

“If I could pinpoint it to one thing, it would be the atmosphere. It doesn’t smell like a dentist’s office, it doesn’t look like one – it has calming colors and a spa-like atmosphere.” This isn’t only for the patients; Becky points out. “I get to work in that atmosphere too!” The relationships among the staff are another perk:  “We have fun together while we’re working.”

What’s your favorite thing about working with patients?

“It sounds cliché, but I love getting to know them and finding common ground with them”

How can dentistry change people’s lives?

“People’s smiles are such an important part of their day-to-day lives. If there’s something you feel insecure about, that affects every part of your day. People walk out of here with big smiles on their faces.” The impact of great dental work is very personal for Becky: “I was there myself,” she says, “and once it was fixed, it was such a relief.”

Favorite flavor of ice cream:

“You’re asking an 8-month-pregnant woman what kind of ice cream she likes?” HäagenDazs Strawberry is the current favorite, “but give me any kind of ice cream, and I’ll eat it!” 

Best scar story:

She may not be clumsy now, but… “When I was a little girl, I fell and busted my upper lip at least 5 times.”

Favorite summertime activity:

Hanging out at the family pool with her family, especially her sisters.

Little-known fact:

She’s a twin! And she loves it – “I don’t know why God didn’t create everyone as twins – it’s the funnest thing on the planet!”

Are you going to miss Becky? Give her your love and best wishes in the comments below!

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