3 Important Back to School Dental Tips for Kids

back to school dental tips

There’s a lot to think about as your kids head back to school, so protecting their teeth may not be at the top of your list. A number of risk factors increase as the school year begins, and it’s important to think about dental health when planning for the school year.

But don’t fret – these 3 simple back to school dental tips for kids will help you cover your bases!

1. If your kids haven’t had their scheduled checkups (every 6 months!), now is a good time. Not only do risk factors increase during the school year, but also your ability as a parent to monitor them decreases. For those reasons, the beginning of the school year is a good time to evaluate your child’s dental health and even to have sealant or fluoride treatments, if your dentist advises.

2. During the year, many kids will receive candy and other sweets as rewards with no opportunity to brush their teeth afterward, potentially leading to tooth decay. At home, you can manage what they eat and drink, but in the lunchroom kids have access to sweet and acidic foods they may not get at home. Send healthy, low-sugar foods and drinks with them to school and encourage them to drink lots of water – it will help rinse the sugars and acids from their teeth that build up during the school day.

3. While being active on the playground or on school sports teams is very important to your kids’ health, these activities put their teeth at risk of damage. When they’re playing sports, make sure they use helmets and mouth guards where appropriate. Also, make sure that you have your dentist’s contact information on hand at all times in case of dental emergency and can access you kids’ full dental records if you need to. Also, check out our blog post on cracked and broken teeth to prepare yourself in case of dental trauma!

Do you have any back to school tips? Let us know in the comments!


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