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Dental Insurance Benefits

The end of the year is often a busy time for us at My Family Dentistry – lots of our patients come in for fall and winter checkups and procedures.

There are 3 main reasons that this time of year is popular for dental work, and one or more of them may help save you money !

If you’re planning on having dental work done before the end of the year, you may want to consider scheduling it now, before the calendar fills up to take advantage of your dental benefits.

1. If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It 

Like most medical insurance plans, the dental plans “reset” at the end of the year, meaning that unused annual benefits are lost. For most people, regular exams and cleanings don’t come close to using the full amount of annual dental benefits, so the remaining funds can be wasted.

If you think you need dental work and you haven’t used your full dental benefit amount for the year, now is a great time to schedule an appointment to talk to Dr. Mullins about what you can have done.  If you don’t know the details of your dental insurance plan, contact the company to find out.

By getting dental work done now, you take full advantage of your benefits and get the most value out of your dental insurance plan. Scheduling treatments now also saves next year’s benefits, which may come in handy in case of accident, injury, or other unexpected dental problem.

2. Health Deductions Can Lower Taxes 

The second reason that many people choose to have dental work done at the end of the year has to do with taxes. Most dental care is a part of your overall health care expenses, which can be deducted. For many people, undertaking a dental treatment can lower yearly taxes while getting them the care they need.

One important caveat – if you’re considering dental treatment or any other major healthcare procedure for tax reasons, be sure to consult with your accountant or tax specialist first to confirm the write-off status of the treatment.

3. You Need to Use HSA Funds Before They Expire

Finally, some companies deposit funds throughout the year tax-free into a Health Savings Account for employee’s medical and dental issues. If these funds aren’t used, in the year they are deposited, they will be lost.  Individuals can also have HSA accounts. If you have one of these accounts and haven’t used money that is about to expire, we can help you explore ways to optimize your dental benefits and maximize your oral health.

Do you have dental insurance? Call us to find out how to use your benefits!

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