Best Whitening Products: KöR Deep Bleaching System


Widely considered to be the most effective bleaching process available, the KöR Deep Bleaching System was developed by a dentist and is used by thousands of dentists around the world, including Dr. Wesley Mullins of My Family Dentistry.

Dr. Mullins is confident in using KöR Deep Bleaching for his patients because it is causes little to no sensitivity, and is completely safe for your gums and teeth. Unlike most forms of bleaching, it is even effective on teeth stained by tetracycline.

Don’t worry about having a “day-glo” smile, either. The KöR System results in a healthy, natural looking white and permanent results that will keep your bright new smile forever. The process works by helping your teeth naturally absorb oxygen deep into the tooth, dissolving the molecules that cause staining.

Take a look at this before-and-after gallery to see the results for yourself.

Best Whitening Products

With some easy home maintenance, your results will last forever and you can keep drinking coffee, tea, and wine without worrying!

The process is easy and comfortable. First, Dr. Mullins will take a mold of your teeth to make comfortable, fully customized whitening trays. After a quick office visit, you’ll wear the trays, filled with gentle KöR whitening gel, for two weeks while you sleep. A final visit to the office will allow Dr.  Mullins to check your results and talk to you about maintenance. Click here to learn more about whitening at My Family Dentistry!

The KöR Deep Bleaching System is safe for people ages 14 and up, and is especially effective on younger teeth, with lifelong results. If you have a teenager or are a young adult with tetracycline or other serious staining, contact Dr. Mullins to see if the KöR process is an appropriate solution.

Interested in the most safe and effective teeth whitening process available? Contact us now to see if the KöR Deep Bleaching System is right for you!

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