My Family Dentistry Staff Profile: Laura Mullins

MyFamilyDentistryWeb-13Laura Mullins has been at My Family Dentistry from the beginning – she and her husband, Dr. Wesley Mullins, opened the practice in 2004 after moving to Tennessee just a year before. Today, Laura and Wes have two beautiful daughters, Anna Marie and Malia, ages 8 and 4.

Originally from a small town in West Virginia, Laura has been involved in dentistry for a long time. She worked as a dental assistant during high school and went on to study Dental Hygiene at West Virginia University, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in 2003.

At My Family Dentistry, the overall health and wellness of our patients is our priority. Not only does Laura clean people’s teeth as a dental hygienist, but she also counsels patients about healthy diet, oral hygiene, and the origins and treatments of dental problems.

In addition to working part time at My Family Dentistry, Laura also homeschools Anna Marie, enjoys gluten-free baking, making herbal soaps and lotions, and riding horseback in the mountains when she gets the chance. She and Wes have also started beekeeping! Is there anything they can’t do?

And now, the questionnaire:

What makes My Family Dentistry special?
“Our employees! Our people make our place; I really believe that. We’ve always hired for personality as well as skill, and it’s made a huge difference in our practice.”

What’s your favorite thing about working with patients?
“I like the relationship with the patient – with every person there’s a new story.”

How can dentistry change people’s lives?
“I believe that what we offer people is confidence in their smile, and we can… help keep them happy, healthy, and pain free. In the past 10 or 15 years, they’ve realized that teeth are linked to overall health…by keeping the mouth healthy, you can improve the overall quality of life!”

Best Knoxville tip:
According to Laura, “the most friendly restaurant for food allergies” is PF Chang’s! If you have food sensitivities like she does, you can tell your server what you need to avoid, and through a special computer program, they can list all the dishes without your combination of allergies. Score!

Favorite flavor of ice cream:
“Vanilla! You can add anything to it and make it anything you want.”

Favorite sitcom series:
Alf – she even collected the cards when she was a kid!

Best scar story:
When she was 18, Laura had a skiing accident in the mountains of West Virginia that tore her ACL. The surgery to repair it turned out to be more complicated than expected, leaving her with a wicked-looking knee scar. But that hasn’t stopped her – she and Dr. Mullins still take an annual ski trip!

Favorite autumn activity:

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