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If you are looking for the best dentist in Powell, TN, then you’re in luck.

 Best Dentist in Powell, TNNot only does My Family Dentistry offer patients in Powell, TN and the Greater Knoxville area a trustworthy local dentist who can provide comfortable, compassionate care to you and your family, but Dr. Wesley Mullins is also a respected educator who regularly speaks to other dentists and dental students all over the United States.

Whether you need preventative dental care, cosmetic dentistry, or even dental restorations, My Family Dentistry can meet your needs and exceed your expectations

Comfortable Dentistry

The concept of “comfortable dentistry” is central to our practice at My Family Dentistry, and to us it means that our patients’ experiences come first. You can see the principle of comfortable dentistry at work in two important ways:

1. Every member of our staff is focused on our patients’ experiences. From the front desk into the dentist’s chair, we will truly listen to you and suggest a course of action based on your unique needs, goals, and constraints. Many people expect coming to the dentist to be uncomfortable, but it is our mission to change that perception.

Whether you have had negative experiences in the past, are bringing a young child to the dentist for the first time, or have serious dental issues you need to address, we want you to know that each patient’s comfort throughout treatment is our priority.

2. Our office is designed to keep all of our patients comfortable at all times. You won’t find any stark white walls and antiseptic smells here – we’ve used calming colors and aromatherapy in every room, and we even have a relaxation room with cozy chairs and a paraffin wax hand dip available at no charge to all of our patients.

Hometown Dentist, World-Class Treatment

You can expect your experience with us to not only be comfortable, but also to involve the highest level of dental care available. Here are a few ways we offer the best care to our patients:

Cutting-Edge Technique – Dr. Wesley Mullins is focused on continuing education, both for himself and as an educator. He is always working to perfect his skills in implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventative dental care, and he teaches others in these fields as well.

Holistic Approach – We know that dental health and overall health are intimately related, and our consultations and treatments always take a patient’s overall health and the possible impacts of dental procedures  into account, as well as how changes in diet and lifestyle can improve dental health.

Advanced Dental Technology – My Family Dentistry invests in the latest dental technologies so we can always offer our patients the highest level of care, from diagnosis to planning to treatment. 

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