The Importance of Sterilization in Dentistry

The Importance of Sterilization in Dentistry

Keeping you safe and healthy is the most important part of our job at My Family Dentistry.

One of the primary ways we do that is through our sterilization practices, which ensure that our facilities and tools are clean and our patients are protected from infection.

We ensure your wellbeing with our 7-step sterilization and safety process:

  1. Every instrument is cleaned and scrubbed in an ultrasonic bath before being dried and wrapped
  2. Once sterile instruments are packaged, they remain sealed until needed
  3. Every room is cleaned with an ADA-approved disinfectant after each patient
  4. Our equipment is submitted to in-house testing every day
  5. We bring in a third-party agency tests our equipment weekly (and we’ve never tested positive for any risk factors)
  6. We sterilize our instruments with non-bleach cleaners for your safety
  7. Our facilities are deep-cleaned every week in addition to daily cleaning

Essential to My Family Dentistry’s standards of cleanliness is our Sterilization Center, which is literally and figuratively at the heart of our practice. Our patients’ health is essential, and the state-of-the-art Sterilization Center conveniently located in the middle of our treatment stations allows us to clean, sterilize, and hygienically store our instruments in the most safe and efficient way possible.

As a proud member of the American Dental Association, the Tennessee Dental Association, and the Second District Dental Society, Dr. Wesley Mullins upholds all of the recommended sterilization and safety practices for American dentists. If you would like to learn more about these practices, read the Academy of General Dentistry’s Fact Sheet “Protection From Infection”.

Dr. Mullins is also a member of the dentistry faculty at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, and serves as a volunteer dentist in medical clinics in Anderson and Knox counties, helping rural patients have access to high-quality dental care.

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