Best Dental Composite: 3M Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative

Best Dental Composite

If you need restorative dental work, you want to be confident that your dentist is helping you make the best possible choices. 

At My Family Dentistry, choosing the best materials to work with is a big part of how we do that. There are many dental composites available today, and to give our patients the best dental care possible, we’ve chosen to use 3M Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative.

After reviewing the dental composite materials on the market right now, we consider this the best dental restorative available – so, naturally, it’s what we want to use for our patients.

Why Is Filtek Our Dental Composite of Choice?

Filtek dental restorative is superior to the other composites on the market for a few reasons:

  1. It polishes easily, which makes the filling look more natural. It also holds the polish longer than other dental composites do.
  2. It comes in a number of shades and opacity levels, making it easy to match not only any patient’s teeth, but also the specific part of the tooth where the restoration is needed. Careful matching ensures that the composite blends into the mouth, instead of standing out like an old metallic filling would.
  3. It provides superior strength in both front and back teeth. The way a person chews is different in the front and back of the mouth, and the natural shape of the teeth normally compensates for these differences. In the past, dentists had to consider different composite options for restorations in the front teeth and back teeth, but the beauty of the 3M Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative is that it works well on both.

Because of the inherent properties of Filtek restorative, Dr. Wesley Mullins  can use this composite to restore the tooth’s natural shape, build up the tooth core, and even repair restorations like veneers and overlays. Instead of switching between different, lesser composites for different purposes, Dr. Mullins can use this single superior product for almost any restoration on any patient.

Why is Filtek the Best Choice for Patients?

Firstly, Filtek restorative looks good. Because it blends in to the natural tooth color, even fillings on the front teeth look as close to natural as possible.

Secondly, it wears well over time. This composite bonds to the tooth’s natural enamel, restoring the tooth’s strength as closely as possible to that of a naturally whole tooth. Both qualities lower the chances of future problems with the restoration.

Thirdly, Filtek composite is safer, especially compared to traditional amalgams. Old amalgams contained as much as 50% mercury, which has long raised questions about the metal leaching into the mouth. The Filtek restorative avoids any such risks.

Finally, this composite is easy to work with. Why spend longer in the dentist’s chair when you don’t have to? By using Filtek restorative, My Family Dentistry is able to improve our patients’ experience while offering a better, safer, more natural-looking option – the essence of comfortable dentistry. 

Isn’t it obvious why we chose the 3M Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative? Its name says it all!

If you have cavities or need any restoration work done, contact us today! We’ll be happy to discuss the best options for you.

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