Remove Coffee Stains from Teeth without Giving Up Your Morning Java

Remove Coffee Stains from Teeth

If you worry about coffee staining your teeth, you’d probably prefer to take care of the stains than kick your coffee habit. Unfortunately, coffee (along with tea and soda) can leave dark, yellow stains. The good news is that you really can successfully remove coffee stains from teeth and prevent the stains from worsening.

Preventing Coffee Stains

To help lessen the impact of coffee on your teeth, remember that darker coffee leaves darker stains. Black coffee is harshest on your teeth. Whether it’s almond milk or half & half, a creamer helps prevent heavy staining. Also, try sipping iced coffees through a straw and always avoid swishing the coffee around in your mouth. At the very least, be sure to rinse with water soon after drinking coffee and brush your teeth when you can.

Recommended Ways to Remove Coffee Stains from Teeth

At Dr. Mullins’ office, we’ve seen and heard about every trick out there to help with yellow teeth. Here are the best methods to fight back against tannic acid, the compound in coffee and tea that damages our teeth:

  • Home whitening kits. Over-the-counter whitening kits help many people keep teeth white in between visits to the dentist, and they can help make a serious dent in your stains if you are a heavy coffee drinker. These kits only work for natural teeth, so if you have any visible dental work it may be best to try something else.
  • Go natural with strawberries. Strawberries contain malic acid, a different kind of acid than citrus fruits and many other foods. Thanks to this component, strawberries can actually whiten your teeth when used as a simple toothpaste. Just mash a strawberry, apply as toothpaste and brush for two minutes, repeating as often as you’d like. 
  • KöR Deep Bleaching system. Dr. Mullins swears by the KöR Deep Bleaching system for anyone who wants whiter teeth, and it’s the best option for people who enjoy coffee, wine and other beverages that stain. It’s a deep bleaching process that doesn’t leave your teeth freakishly white, and it’s completely safe.  Not only that, but the results are permanent with a little maintenance.

KöR Deep Bleaching works to remove coffee stains from teeth by helping your teeth absorb oxygen deep into the tooth. The process makes coffee stain molecules dissolve, and your teeth remain better at preventing staining in the future. Anyone age 14 and up can use the KöR system, which just requires a quick visit to Dr. Mullins’ office, where you’ll get a whitening gel to use during sleep for two weeks.

If your caffeine habit leaves your teeth less than perfectly white, you owe it to yourself to see which methods can help bring back your best smile. Whiter teeth make you appear younger to other people and build up your confidence. Get in touch Get in touch with Dr. Mullins today to learn about deep bleaching and other ways to remove coffee stains from teeth.

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