Weighing Your Options: Temporary Dentures vs. Permanent Dentures

Temporary Dentures vs. Permanent Dentures

If you are considering temporary dentures vs. permanent dentures, there are several things that you should keep in mind before making your final choice. Dentures are no longer something to fear or dread, and there are good choices regardless of your needs. The following information will help you decide on temporary dentures vs. permanent dentures, so you can find an option that is right for you.

Temporary Dentures

Temporary dentures are often used when you are getting ready for oral surgery or other procedures, and need to have one or more teeth removed. Temporary dentures help secure a spot for a dental implant or permanent implant, and keep your other teeth from moving or crowding the space where teeth were removed. Temporary dentures are also used when there is an expectation that your gum shape may change and affect the fit of your permanent dentures. These dentures typically don’t offer the best fit, and will need to be replaced with permanent dentures later. Once you obtain your permanent dentures, you may wish to keep your temporary set as a backup.

Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures offer a better fit and increased comfort, and are meant to be worn for the rest of your life, unless you have drastic changes happen in your mouth. Permanent dentures take several office visits to get the right fit and shape for the best results. These dentures are slightly more expensive than their permanent counterparts, but are worth the added expense because they are more comfortable and healthier, because they leave less space for bacteria to collect. They may be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Dental Implants

Another great option for patients who need to replace missing teeth are denture implants. One of the premier names in dental implants is My Teeth Today. Dental implants are inserted into your jaw. This provides a better fit, and eliminates the slipping and discomfort that is commonly associated with other types of dentures. When you are comparing temporary dentures vs. permanent dentures, dental implants are much more expensive, but the benefits far outweigh any cost. In addtion, dental implants can last the rest of your lifetime if cared for and maintained properly.

If you have further questions about temporary dentures vs. permanent dentures, Dr. Mullins and the entire staff at My Family Dentistry are here to help. Visit our website for more information, or give us a call today.  We can help you find an option that meets your needs and your budget. We can also assist you with financing options and set up a treatment plan to get you started right away. Give us a call today so you can get started on the smile that you deserve.

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