Who Is Dr. Wesley Mullins DDS?

Dr. Wesley Mullins DDS

As one of the premier dentists in the Knoxville and Powell areas, Dr. Wesley Mullins DDS is a leader in the local dental community. He teaches courses for students and dental professionals and participates in continuing education sessions all over the country, so you can be confident in his skill.

But who is Dr. Wesley Mullins DDS really?

Dr. Wes Is….

A caring, compassionate dentist. Many patients associate visits to the dentist with fear and discomfort. Dr. Wes understands these issues, and approaches patient care with compassion and a listening ear. Dr. Mullins is considerate and gentle in his work, and ensures that every patient understands each procedure so they know what to expect. This helps alleviate fear, educates patients on their own dental care, and helps them have a better experience during each visit.

Dr. Wes Is…

A family man. Dr. Mullins is proud to serve the dental needs of your entire family, in part by involving his family in his practice. Dr. Wes’s wife Laura is a very skilled and experienced dental hygienist who helped establish My Family Dentistry in 2004. The couple’s two daughters, Anna Marie and Malia, also help out in their own way – they can be seen in videos to help teach kids and parents the value of good oral hygiene! Dr. Mullins considers every person at My Family Dentistry a member of the family, and we do everything we can to help our patients feel like a part of our family as well. We think this family atmosphere and our “comfortable dentistry” approach make My Family Dentistry the best dental practice in the Knoxville area.

Dr. Wes Is…

An educator. Dr. Mullins is dedicated to continuing education for himself, his staff, and even his patients. Dr. Mullins regularly attends continuing education seminars and classes so he can keep abreast of the latest developments in dental technology. Dr. Wes is also committed to patient education, and goes out of his way to help every person in his chair understand their own treatment and ongoing care needs.

In addition to his own ongoing education, Dr. Wes regularly speaks to groups of dental students and dental professionals about cutting-edge technologies and techniques, helping them serve their own patients and future patients better. As a result, people all over the country are healthier, enjoy a better quality of life, and have fewer dental expenses to contend with.

Dr. Wes Is…

An advocate for patients. Dr. Mullins offers a variety of payment options to help his own patients afford the dental care they need, including CareCredit. However, Dr. Mullins is also committed to those who don’t have access to the dental care they need. There are many people in the rural areas of East Tennessee who cannot afford even the basics of dental care. Dr. Mullins regularly volunteers at rural medical clinics in Knox and Anderson counties to help ensure that those who are most in need of services are able to get dental care.

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