Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants? [VIDEO]

candidate for dental implants

As we have previously discussed, there are many significant benefits of having dental implants compared to other forms of dental prosthetics. Dental implants look more like your natural teeth than other restorations like dentures, they don’t require a lot of maintenance outside daily brushing and flossing, and they last a lifetime

For many years, Dr. Wesley Mullins and his team at My Family Dentistry in Powell, TN have been safely performing dental implant surgeries for a wide variety of patients. Before considering dental implants, Dr. Mullins recommends scheduling a thorough dental exam, during which he will weigh important factors like your age, overall health, and the cost of the procedure.

Think you may need dental implant surgery? 

Watch this short video to see Dr. Mullins describe the 4 main factors that help determine if you’re a good candidate:

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