My Family Dentistry for Kids of All Ages

My Family Dentistry for Kids of All Ages

Not sure when to take your young child to the dentist for the first dental visit? Or are you a little anxious about what will happen when they get there? At Dr. Mullins’ office, you can trust in the hands of a dentist with young children of his own!

We provide a fun, friendly environment for kids, and we understand the careful touch that’s needed for every age group. It wasn’t that long ago that Dr. Mullins brought in his 3-year-old daughter, Malia, for her first dental visit. Malia’s mother, Laura, is also a dental hygienist in our office. As you can see in this video, Malia has a fun time talking about her teeth (but she probably likes watching cartoons on Netflix in the office more!). 

By the age of one, just after baby teeth have come in, children should get a simple dental checkup. Not only is this Dr. Mullins’ recommendation, but the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry also stresses the importance of the first visit. Great dental care starting well before pre-school contributes to better oral health as kids grow up.

Checkups for very young children include:

  • basic cleaning
  • looking for cavities in the grooves of teeth
  • checking for potential future issues and planning prevention
  • discussing oral care with parents

Dr. Mullins can seal up cavities in baby teeth when necessary, and he checks for any potential issues down the road. Kids 3 and under generally don’t need x-rays. Overall, the first dental visit is simple and straightforward. 

Anna Marie, Dr. Mullins’ 7-year-old daughter, can tell you more about how great our office is for kids her age. As kids grow up, we take x-rays and make sure to seal up cavities in the grooves of teeth. Our Panorex x-ray gives a complete view of the entire mouth, so we can check for the presence of all baby and adult teeth and whether molars are coming in.

Of course, brushing habits often become a central issue with older kids. Laura and Dr. Mullins know from their own kids that even the best brushers don’t always do a perfect job, so we teach and encourage kids to brush the right way every time!

We call ourselves My Family Dentistry because we love working with your whole family, and we pride ourselves on offering the best possible care for patients of every age. Whether you have a teething baby or a teen struggling with cavities, My Family Dentistry’s dentistry for kids can set your family down the path to great oral care.

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