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Share MFD with your friends!

Do you ever hear your friends and loved ones complain about a trip to some other dental office that was painful or unpleasant?

Do them a favor the next time they need to schedule a dental appointment and let them know about My Family Dentistry!

If you’re a patient of ours, you know all about the little things we do to get create a comfortable experience for our patients in addition to providing cutting-edge, comprehensive services.

Right now, it’s easier than ever to share us with your friends because of our $99 New Patient Special, exclusively for friends and family of our patients. Just print out the coupon (there’s a link to it at the bottom of this page) and fill in your name and their name – simple enough, and it will save them $254!

After their first visit, we know they will thank you for introducing them to a better dentistry experience.

Making everyone’s dental visits as comfortable as possible

Hopefully you feel like My Family Dentistry is your personal oasis for comfortable, easygoing dental care. But remember that we can take care of the dental needs of anyone in your life, too! We offer family dentistry services for kids and adults of all ages, including dental implants, Invisalign, and cosmetic procedures in addition to routine cleanings.

When someone asks what makes My Family Dentistry your favorite dental practice, we hope you’ll tell them about how friendly Dr. Mullins and his staff are, as well as the unique amenities we offer all our clients:

  • hot paraffin wax hand treatments for relaxation
  • streaming movies or TV at any of our chairs
  • aromatherapy and low lighting for a calm, pleasing atmosphere
  • comprehensive new patient orientation to get to know our clients and provide an in-depth oral health screening

You can feel good about recommending My Family Dentistry

You can confidently recommend My Family Dentistry because Dr. Mullins brings state-of-the-art knowledge and training to his practice. He even lectures and leads study groups for other dentists to learn from him, so you can trust that My Family Dentistry uses only the best and latest methods for all procedures. 

Not only is this a practice offering supremely comfortable cleaning sessions, but it’s also a place to get cutting-edge technology like the Vizilite™ system for the early detection of oral cancer. Whether you know families looking for their child’s first dentist or adults who need gum disease treatment, My Family Dentistry would be happy to take care of everyone in your life.

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