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Quick Dental Implants with My Teeth Today

In one day, you could be smiling with confidence and eating whatever foods you want. In one day, you can be finished with the pain and discomfort of missing or damaged teeth and loose dentures. My Teeth Today™ gives you quick dental implants with very little hassle and a fast recovery, letting you get back to your daily life with a perfect smile immediately.

If you have problems with your teeth, My Family Dentistry likely has a solution for quick dental implants that will work wonders for you. Implants can be the answer for a missing tooth, cracked or broken teeth, or even dentures that are prone to slipping and sliding.

My Teeth Today offers a faster solution

Older styles of dental implants require multiple surgeries with lots of healing time between and after each procedure. Many people assume that all implants involve a cumbersome, painful, and drawn-out process, but Dr. Mullins and his team have mastered the My Teeth Today system to make quick dental implants possible—and safer and healthier, too.

What makes My Teeth Today implants so fast?

  • All surgery is done in one day, rather than multiple surgeries spread out
  • Custom teeth are made for just you, reducing fittings
  • There’s much less bone loss than other implants, so recovery time is much faster

With My Teeth Today, no bone grafts are used, so getting implants at My Family Dentistry is less invasive than other options. Without grafting, you do not need to wait for healing time before proceeding with the rest of the procedure. Our system offers less discomfort, less waiting, and faster healing.

Quick dental implants: safer, healthier, and less invasive

You want quick dental implants, but we know that you also need them to be high-quality and reliable. Dr. Mullins and his team have perfected a system that can give you a perfect smile in one day without needing complicated, invasive surgery. That actually means safer procedures with a reduced risk of certain complications compared to more involved surgeries.

Our My Teeth Today system uses state-of-the-art implants from AstraTech™, which feature a lifetime warranty and help reduce the bone loss typically caused by other implants. Less bone loss means a more comfortable implant with a greatly reduced risk of complications down the road.

Another key element of My Teeth Today is that we use six implants instead of four, giving your new smile an incredible lifespan. You still get quick dental implants in just one day, and having a more solid base means a lasting solution for full upper or lower restorations or denture upgrades. With excellent hygiene practices, you shouldn’t need another procedure for many, many years.

In the long run, My Teeth Today provides quick dental implants to get you smiling and chewing normally right away, while also making you more likely to enjoy the implants without hassle or worry for years ahead.

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