Is Pain Free Dentistry Possible?


Although it may be impossible to safely eliminate all discomfort, the cutting-edge dentistry techniques used here at My Family Dentistry allow us to get as close as possible to pain free dentistry, greatly reducing any pain felt during dental procedures. With less anxiety and discomfort, our patients can finally feel confident and worry-free when visiting the dentist.

Our Comfortable Dentistry Approach 

At My Family Dentistry, we’ve created an approach we call “comfortable dentistry,” designed to reduce the fear and anxiety often associated with dental procedures. As soon as they walk in our doors, patients are greeted by a friendly and accommodating staff that goes the extra mile to ensure their comfort. Our dedicated relaxation room provides a calming environment for patients before and after their dental treatment, featuring low lighting, comfy chairs, aromatherapy, and peaceful decor.

To reduce anxiety and calm the nerves, we also provide a free warm paraffin wax hand treatment by request during any dental procedure. Aromatherapy, used in every treatment room, enhances the experience even further.  When coupled with our warm bedside manner, all of these elements help patients feel confident and relaxed throughout their entire treatment.

Whitening without Tooth Sensitivity

With an innovative teeth whitening system known as KöR Deep Bleaching, your teeth can be gradually and painlessly whitened in the comfort of your own home. Unique among whitening treatments, KöR Deep Bleaching nearly eliminates the risk of tooth sensitivity and other unwanted side effects by gradually whitening your teeth with oxygen over a short period of about two weeks. Our custom fitted trays can be worn at night, allowing our patients to successfully whiten their teeth while they sleep. With occasional treatments, the results are permanent, and are effective even on stains that other whitening methods can’t correct.

Comfortable Root Canals 

Our innovative methods aim to minimize any possible discomfort that could be experienced during a root canal procedure. Using proper anesthetics and enhanced technologies, our root canal procedures are much more tolerable for the patient than more traditional methods. All of our anesthetics are warmed in advance to ensure your ultimate comfort.

Less Downtime with My Teeth Today Implants

If you’re living with missing teeth or poorly fitted dentures, you may be an ideal candidate for dental implants. In the past, dental implants required multiple surgeries, and lengthy healing periods and discomfort. Fortunately, with My Teeth Today implants, qualified patients can leave our office with brand new teeth in just one surgery visit. Using handcrafted teeth, your smile can be restored along with your confidence. Whether you’re replacing one tooth or many, your My Teeth Today implants will allow you to eat almost immediately after surgery.

The Patient’s Experience

After sitting down with Gordon Bruner to discuss his dental implant surgery, we were happy to learn that his experience was an extremely positive one. During his interview, Gordon told us, “You know, there really wasn’t pain from the surgery part… there just wasn’t.” Countless patients continue to discover the wonders of our My Teeth Today dental implants, and our other methods to provide pain-free dentistry.

Our patient’s comfort is our ultimate priority. and it’s the high level of professionalism and friendly bedside manner at My Family Dentistry that makes us truly stand out from the rest!

We’d love to have you as a patient; give us a call today to set up an appointment!

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