Dr. Mullins Travels with Medical Team to Chirala, India

Dr. Wes Mullins Goes to India

Yesterday, Dr. Wes and Laura Mullins left Knoxville, TN to travel the thousands of miles to Chirala, India to provide free, high-quality dental care to the people there.

The group they are traveling with flew first to Washington, DC and then on to Germany to catch a flight to Chennai, India. From Chennai, they will take a train to the fishing village of Chirala, located on the Bay of Bengal on eastern coast of India.

The team includes a physician’s assistant who grew up in India where her parents were serving as missionaries, a doctor and his pre-med son, and a non-profit manager and surgical technician who has traveled to India 48 times.

Of the 1.2 billion people in India, about half don’t own a toothbrush, and many more lack access to basic dental care.

Dr. Mullins and the team will be working with Baer Christian Hospital in Chirala to provide medical and dental care.

Founded in 1912 by Dr. Mary Baer, the hospital is equipped with a small dental clinic and one dental chair, where Dr. Mullins and Laura will treat patients, focusing on dental extractions.

The team will return to Knoxville early on Monday, July 28th. When he returns, we’ll update you with pictures, videos, and some of Dr. Wes’s insights about his trip

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