The Powell, TN Dentist Who Pioneered “Comfortable Dentistry”



My Family Dentistry is a unique Knoxville and Powell, TN dentist – because at our practice, we focus on something we call “Comfortable Dentistry.”

We understand that many people feel anxiety about going to the dentist. As a result, they may put off an appointment or avoid going altogether. This isn’t healthy, so we think it’s critical to make sure our patients feel at ease and understand that what we do is designed to make them feel better and be healthier.

You May Feel Like You’re at a Spa

Dr. Mullins and My Family Dentistry have spent a great deal of time looking for ways to provide top professional and safety standards for procedures AND a great dental office experience. When you walk in, you may think you’ve stumbled into a spa rather than a dentist’s office. That’s because we’ve discovered that some of the relaxation techniques that spas use are great for dental patients as well.

For example, we use paraffin wax hand treatments, because research shows that stimulating the hands decreases pain receptors in the mouth. If there’s discomfort, the patient is less likely to feel it – and, it makes your hands feel amazing!

Comfortable Requires Information

Comfortable dentistry also involves communication. Dental anxiety can be caused simply by not knowing what’s coming with a procedure. We spend time with each patient, explaining in as much detail as the patient wants what we need to do. This is especially important for younger patients, because it can eliminate fears that would prevent them from going to the dentist once they become adults.

We’re always happy to show younger patients different dental instruments and how they work, answer questions, and explain how good dental health rewards them with other health benefits.

And we’ll get them involved in their own dental care, so they feel they have some control over their oral health and can work to prevent problems that could cause more pain in the future. For both adults and children, understanding is a key part of comfortable dentistry.

Comfortable Is Honest

We don’t sugar-coat things (we’re dental professionals—we avoid sugar at all costs!). We will tell you truthfully the risks, recovery time, and pros and cons of any procedure, and we’ll take the steps necessary to minimize or eliminate discomfort.

We are also very clear about what care you need after a procedure, and we follow up diligently to make sure you’re taken care of, whether you’re in the office or at home.

It’s all part of making you comfortable with dentistry—and with us. We know if we build the right bonds of care, information, and honesty with you, you’ll be back. And we can help you have the best dental health possible.

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