The Best Dental Implants in Knoxville


When it comes to dental implants in Knoxville, you want the highest quality and longest-lasting solution available. You also want a dentist who excels at dental restoration services—a leader in the field who will help craft a perfect new smile for you.

Good news! You can find both premium-quality implants and an industry-leading dentist right here in Knoxville at My Family Dentistry. Dr. Wesley Mullins has become a recognized leader in the science of dental implants, and our My Teeth Today system offers the most comfortable, natural-looking results with minimal recovery time.

My Teeth Today: The Best Dental Implant System

Here at My Family Dentistry, we’ve perfected the My Teeth Today system to give qualified patients perfect implants in just a matter of hours, with less surgery and less hassle. You can even eat with your new implants right away!

Here’s how we offer the best dental implants in Knoxville:

  • Consultation with an expert. Whether you need a single tooth replaced or an entire new smile to replace old dentures, Dr. Mullins knows how to design the perfect implant plan for you.
  • The best implants from Astra Tech. Dentists have to choose among a wide range of implant manufacturers, and some implants use technology and standards from decades ago. My Family Dentistry only uses state-of-the-art DENTSPLY™ Implants from Astra Tech, because we think they’re the best on the market.
  • Natural look and feel. Your implants look like real teeth because they’re handcrafted and match your natural tooth color and shape. They feel like real teeth because they’re rooted in the jaw, instead of sitting on top of your gums like bridges or dentures.
  • Less bone loss. With My Teeth Today, your implants will only cause 0.3mm of bone loss—instead of 1.5mm with other implants. This means easier surgery, easier recovery, and fewer complications in the long run.
  • Faster recovery time. Instead of multiple surgeries and weeks of recovery between surgeries, My Teeth Today really gives you perfect results in one day.
  • Eat and enjoy your smile immediately. Most of our patients are comfortable eating all their favorite foods right after surgery, and for many, many years later!

Dr. Mullins: The Expert on Dental Implants in Knoxville

You can trust My Family Dentistry for implants because Dr. Mullins specializes in dental restoration. His commitment to continuing education ensures that our practice always serves you with the best knowledge and techniques available. Dr. Mullins even tours the country giving lectures to other dentists on breakthroughs and research that improve dental restoration surgeries.

Your smile and dental health affect your quality of life, and you need implants that will last for decades with great performance. Dr. Mullins has the expertise and experience to provide not only the best dental implants in Knoxville, but the best available anywhere.

Find out if implants are the right solution for you – just schedule an appointment with Dr. Mullins today!

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