You Picked It: Dr. Wes Will Be the Tooth Fairy for Halloween!


Dr. Wes is ready for Halloween, thanks to everyone who voted for his costume choice! The people have spoken, and our fun-loving dentist will dress up as the Tooth Fairy this year.

We ran a poll to see what friends of My Family Dentistry wanted their dentist to be for Halloween, and the Tooth Fairy was by far the biggest hit. Two thirds of the voters wanted to see Dr. Wes in a tutu!

Plenty of you wanted him to dress up as a zombie dentist. Maybe next year!

Other choices were included a loose tooth or dental floss. Those would have been great, but surely the Tooth Fairy will make a fitting and funny costume for our favorite dentist!

Dr. Wes absolutely loves Halloween, so he’s as excited as anyone about his tooth-themed costume contest.

Think about it: the Tooth Fairy helps kids deal with the hardship (or earning opportunity?) of losing baby teeth. At My Family Dentistry, we’re all about providing a comfortable and easygoing experience at the dentist’s office. It actually makes a lot of sense for Dr. Wes’s costume!

We’ll have to wait to find out how good he looks in the fairy outfit, though. The Tooth Fairy will be around the office on Halloween, and trick-or-treating with his daughters. Stay tuned for pictures!

Of course, Halloween offers a great chance to talk about children’s teeth cleaning habits, too. Everyone loves the treats (though there are some candies that better for your teeth than others), but the trick is to floss and brush afterward. Falling asleep with unbrushed teeth after a Halloween’s worth of candy makes a recipe for ghoulish dental problems.

Always a good time at My Family Dentistry

At My Family Dentistry, Dr. Wes and the staff like to keeps things fun and casual so everybody can enjoy a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Visiting the dentist is a lot more enjoyable when your dentist has a real sense of humor!

If you know anybody looking for a family dental practice that serves people of all ages — with a healthy dose of humor and a welcoming atmosphere — be sure to let them know about how good a sport Dr. Wes is when it comes to interacting with kids! Right now, anyone you refer can even save a bunch ($254 to be exact) with our New Patient Special, which is running until Nov. 6th!

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