Why You Should Be Wary of DIY Teeth Whitening


Have you noticed the explosion of teeth whitening products available these days? You have tons of choices for toothpaste, mouthwash, and whitening trays that all promise to give you a sparkling, whiter smile.

Although you can buy these products at the store without a prescription, be aware that many DIY teeth whitening products have painful side effects and may not leave your teeth white for very long. For safe and long-lasting results, talk to your dentist about advanced whitening solutions that better whiten your teeth and greatly reduce the risk of side effects.

Common Side Effects of DIY Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products use hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals to whiten teeth. When carefully following the instructions, most people experience few side effects. However, minor pain and discomfort are somewhat common.

  • Gum irritation: The whitening chemicals can damage gums and cause stinging pain. This is especially true for whitening trays that are not custom-fitted.
  • Tooth pain and sensitivity: After using DIY whitening treatments some patients report general soreness or stinging pain that comes and goes.

Rare But Serious Issues

In a small percentage of people, DIY teeth whitening leads to severe pain or major dental issues. Some patients end up needing a root canal or other surgery. These problems are less common but should not be ignored:

  • Severe, shooting pain: By some estimates, 4% of patients using DIY whitening trays experience shocking amounts of pain that lasts for minutes at a time, for weeks after use.
  • Root damage: If you have an untreated cavity and use a whitening kit, the harsh chemical can seep into the tooth. This can lead to more pain and damage to the pulp and root.

Whitening Addiction

Like tanning salons and fad diets, some people go overboard with teeth whitening. When OTC products fail to produce great results that last more than a few weeks, people feel tempted to use the products too often. A dentist can help steer you toward safe and healthy whitening solutions.

Safe Treatments from Your Dentist

Everyone wants bright, white teeth—and My Family Dentistry has safe solutions that are also far more effective than OTC whitening products.

We offer the KöR Deep Bleaching System that uses oxygen to dissolve stains and leave your teeth whiter for longer. After an initial visit, we provide you with whitening trays to wear at night for two weeks. After treatment, you’ll return to our office for a final visit to make sure you received great results.

The KöR Deep Bleaching System gives your teeth a natural white look because it dissolves stains instead of just bleaching the teeth. You can even go back to drinking your favorite beverages afterward.

Contact us to schedule a visit and find out if KöR Deep Bleaching is the whitening treatment you need. My Family Dentistry believes that this is the safest and best teeth whitening solution for many patients and we’re glad to help you find other safe routes to a brighter smile.

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