How to Have a Comfortable Root Canal


Root canals acquired a bad reputation years ago, but modern dentistry has much better methods and technology available today. In fact, many patients report zero pain during their procedure.

A comfortable root canal involves more than just pain relievers. You need a skilled dentist who can provide a comfortable atmosphere and help you through the procedure.

At My Family Dentistry, we’re all about making our patients comfortable—even during a root canal!

Here’s what you can do to prepare for a root canal and make the process as pain-free as possible:

Know What to Expect

Read up on modern techniques for root canal surgery, and you can eliminate those “worst-case scenario” fears in your imagination. Yes, it’s a significant dental procedure, but it’s not as complicated or invasive as you might think.

The dentist will apply appropriate anesthetics and help you relax. Then, we create a barrier around the tooth so you don’t swallow something you shouldn’t. We clean the infected area, clear away the dead tissue, and fill the inside of the tooth.

Still sound scary? Don’t worry. When the day arrives, knowing what to expect will help calm your nerves.

Do Your Best Cleaning

For days leading up to root canal surgery, you should brush several times a day and floss every night. Be gentle, but be thorough! Great hygiene ahead of time makes the surgery go more smoothly.

Dress Comfortably and Relax

You’ll probably be in the chair for at least an hour, and perhaps a few hours. Change out of your business clothes or work uniform and dress comfy.

Bring a Companion, Who Doubles as a Driver!

If the thought of a root canal stresses you out, ask a friend to accompany you to the office so you can be more relaxed going in. You’ll also want a driver to take you home afterward. Even if you don’t receive heavy sedation, it’s nice to have a smiling face waiting for you after the surgery and someone to help you take care of things for a few hours after you get home.

Choose an Office Where You Feel Comfortable

Do you associate dental visits with that “clinical” atmosphere and painful procedures? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you need a root canal surgery, this is the perfect opportunity to discover how we’re changing the game with comfortable dentistry.

Dr. Wes and our staff will set you at ease and provide a welcoming, pleasant environment for your visit. We use advanced techniques to make the root canal very comfortable. By the time it’s over, you’ll probably be surprised at how painless and fast everything went.

Is the comfortable root canal a myth? Absolutely not. Contact My Family Dentistry for more info about how we can provide this important procedure with minimal discomfort.

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