Teeth Whitening for Holiday Photos


There’s no need to cringe at the thought of all the holiday photos you and your smile will be tagged in on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this year. The term “cosmetic dentistry” might make you think of veneers or dental implants, but it’s actually a much larger field that also encompasses teeth whitening. Removing stains and discoloration due to coffee and tea drinking, cigarettes, or medication is a safe and common procedure widely practiced by experienced dentists. It doesn’t involve the use of needles, drills, or the physical discomfort that make some patients leery of dental work. What’s more, whitening is quick and affordable, making it a great solution for getting a more beautiful smile in time for all those photos.

Thoughtful and Practical

While it makes a lovely holiday gift to yourself, teeth whitening can also be a creative and considerate gift for someone in your life who is self-conscious about their smile or might not otherwise buy a cosmetic treatment for themselves. A recent college grad, for example, who’s about to go on their first job interview, or a new mom who hasn’t had a lot of time to pamper herself recently, could both appreciate the gift of convenient, comfortable whitening.

Give the Very Best

Teeth whitening happens through a chemical process more commonly referred to as bleaching. It can be done at home with a kit or strips found in stores, but results can be uneven and the bleaching occurs over a more extended process. At home, whitening can take several weeks with daily (sometimes twice-daily) application. At a dentist’s office, though, your teeth are fitted with a custom mold to ensure the right amount of solution stays in place for more efficient bleaching.

At My Family Dentistry, we get teeth whiter with the KöR Deep Bleaching System. Popular with dentists around the world, this state-of-the-art whitening system delivers high quality healthy, natural results. Deep Bleaching™ is so gentle that it causes little to no sensitivity in the gums and teeth. It’s safe and effective, delivering a permanently brighter smile with proper maintenance.

Results that Last Beyond the Holidays

Comparatively inexpensive as far as cosmetic dentistry procedures go, whitening offers a return on investment measured in boosted self-esteem, great photos, and more reasons to smile during the holidays and into the new year. It can drastically change the way a person sees themselves and the way they face the world.
At My Family Dentistry, we combine years of expertise in practical and cosmetic dentistry with warm, friendly customer care in a spa-like atmosphere. Learn more about our Teeth Whitening services, then contact us to make an appointment for a more luminous smile today.

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