Why Replace a Missing Tooth That Doesn’t Show?


A missing tooth can often be the source of physical discomfort and embarrassment. Things as simple as chewing food, talking with a friend or colleague, or even smiling for photos suddenly become strenuous as you worry about an unsightly feature—never mind the pain.

Although a missing tooth that doesn’t show is generally easier to conceal, the impact on your health can be just as devastating. Most dentists would advise replacing the tooth right away, because it’s absence can easily result in bone loss, shifting teeth, and root exposure, among other serious conditions.

Bone Loss

To put it simply, the bone in your mouth that surrounds and supports your teeth needs simulation to maintain its form. This simulation naturally comes from the brief contact that your teeth have with each other on a daily basis, such as when you’re eating or speaking. These minor collisions send signals to the bone and cause it to reshape and preserve oral structure.

However, the absence of a tooth often leads to a lack of simulation, which then causes bone loss over time. In turn, facial tissue sags, your mouth loses structure, and speech becomes more difficult.

Shifting Teeth

Bone loss isn’t the only thing to worry about either. A missing tooth can also cause the adjacent teeth to tilt and shift toward the empty space. This not only alters the aesthetics of your smile, but also leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay and gum disease. From there, the medical problems only increase.

Root Exposure

A missing tooth can lead to root exposure as well. Without the protection of your tooth, an exposed root can create sensitivity in your mouth, making simple tasks like drinking hot or cold beverages rather cumbersome and painful.

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