The Benefits of Comfortable Dentistry for Families


Anyone, even people who’ve gone to regular appointments their whole lives, can get a little nervous before a visit to see the dentist. The austere, sterile workspaces, the intimidating tools and shiny metal surfaces – it can all create an intimidating environment in which to receive unwelcome news about cavities, gum disease, or other oral health problems. Add the prospect of having to pay for treatment of these unforeseen issues, and it’s no wonder why so many families dread going to the dentist.

While this impression may ring true for many, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. When your dental office makes an effort to create a calming and stress-free experience, like we do at My Family Dentistry, your family can enjoy relax comfortably.

Spa-Like Atmosphere

At My Family Dentistry, we take care to provide as restful an experience as possible. That extends to our office, where we feature comfy patient chairs, pleasant lighting, and soothing décor. We provide hand massages during appointments as well, which add another level of pampering for our clients. In addition to the latest dental care technology, we also offer teeth whitening along with BotoxÒ and Juvéderm® services, so you can treat yourself in tranquility.

Relaxing Environment

We don’t look at you like a number here. Our staff is deeply invested in getting to know all of our patients and answering every question and concern. We want you to be as involved and informed about your treatment as possible. To that end, we focus on caring, thoughtful customer service that you can rely on whether you’re on your first visit or 15th.

A Pleasure, Not a Chore

The act of getting your teeth and gums checked regularly shouldn’t be a harrowing experience for anyone, no matter their age. We believe that comfortable dentistry for families benefits everyone. Children become familiar with the process and learn healthy oral care habits. And their parents receive the care they need without worrying about fear and discomfort making the next visit more difficult.

At My Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our signature customer service and calming atmosphere. Lean how we pair the latest industry technology with a comfortable dentistry philosophy that keeps our patients coming back.

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