With Teeth Whitening, Your Valentine Will Smile Even Brighter!

teeth whitening valentine's day

There’s nothing more romantic than a genuinely dazzling smile from your loved one. But dingy teeth, stained and yellowed from food or drink, will make them more self-conscious about smiling altogether. Don’t let your Valentine suffer this upcoming holiday. Instead of gifting them a new watch or treating them to a night out dancing, give them the gift of confidence with teeth whitening treatments.

Deep Bleaching™ for a Lasting White

At My Family Dentistry, we use a procedure called KöR Deep Bleaching, which is more effective than ant other types of whitening available. It’s completely safe, and even better, it leaves the teeth brighter without additional sensitivity. KöR works by allowing your teeth to increase its natural absorption of oxygen, which dissolves the types of food, drink, and chemical molecules that cause staining. The results are permanent and healthy-looking, with none of the jarring, overly bright aftereffects of other treatments.

Customized and Convenient

Your loved one won’t have to spend ages in the dentist chair for their best and brightest smile either. During their appointment, a mold of their teeth is created to form personalized whitening trays. Then they only have to fill the trays with KöR whitening gel and wear them during sleep for a short two weeks. After that, their teeth will be whiter and healthier-looking, which means they’ll be happy to smile more often.

More than Just Looks

This simple procedure can affect more than just the physical appearance of your Valentine’s teeth. It will have positive effects on their self-esteem that you’ll see long past the holiday. A beautiful smile means more laughter, more photos together, and more adventures with you, minus their worry about how their teeth look. With appropriate maintenance and advice from your dentist, their new stellar smile will remain that way for years to come.

Dr. Wes Mullins at My Family Dentistry is an experience and knowledgeable practitioner of the KöR Deep Bleaching System. Make an appointment today via the Contact Us form and get started on a whiter smile for this Valentine’s Day.

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