Try Teeth Whitening for the Summer Wedding Season


As we all know, the summer is prime season for weddings, and that means posing for tons of photos. Whether you’re a guest or one half of the lucky couple at these events, your smile is going to get a lot of mileage. Those wedding shots will hang around for years. What kind of smile do you want people to see: dingy and dull, or bright and youthful?

Many people wish they had a brighter smile, however, cosmetic dentistry can often fall low on their list of priorities. But with wedding season upon us, summer is the perfect time to consider professional teeth whitening.

The Benefits of Whiter Teeth

As we’ve discussed in the past, whiter teeth can contribute to a more youthful appearance. Studies have shown that people strongly relate white teeth with vitality and healthiness.

Plus, whiter teeth can help you to feel more confident. You might not worry much about your smile now, but knowing your pearly whites will show to their best effect in photos and in person will give you one more thing to enjoy this season.

Why Professional Whitening?

It’s tempting to try an at-home, over-the-counter whitening kit rather than going in to see your dentist for a professional treatment. But while boxed solutions can work, the imprecise application means that results are often disappointing, inconsistent, or spotty.

At My Family Dentistry, we use the KöR Deep Bleaching System. This system employs oxygen to dissolve the stains on your teeth, rather than simply bleaching surface discoloration. We also create a thin, customized mold of your teeth for you to wear at night over the course of the two week treatment process. By the end, your smile will look far whiter and brighter, and the results will be permanent with some easy, at-home maintenance.

Of course, the benefits of teeth whitening extend past great wedding photos. Whether you’re leading a business meeting, working with a client, or simply chatting with your significant other, white teeth make for a youthful, healthy smile that you can feel confident about.

If you’re interested in having a brighter, more vibrant smile for this summer’s wedding season, contact us at My Family Dentistry.

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