Get Brighter, More Beautiful Teeth with a Smile Makeover

Get Brighter, More Beautiful Teeth with Smile Makeovers

Whether you want to make a good first impression with a new client or simply look better in photos, nothing can do more for your appearance than a bright, healthy smile. The smile makeover provided by Dr. Wes Mullins and the team at My Family Dentistry result in teeth that aren’t just cleaner, but straighter and more even. You get a beautiful grin you’ll enjoy for years to come.

All too often, patients let concerns about lengthy appointments or costly treatments deter them from considering cosmetic dentistry. But we offer cosmetic solutions to fit any budget and lifestyle, with our signature customer care and the safest, most advanced methods. Read on to find out more about the different ways we can give your smile a fresh makeover!

Porcelain Veneers

Custom-fitted porcelain veneers work wonders on a person’s smile. By fitting over your teeth and bonding to their surface, veneers fix many of the problems associated with poor smiles, including crooked teeth, gaps, cracks, and stains.

Porcelain veneers not only resist stains, but also reflect light in a manner that imitates natural teeth. They require much less preparation than crowns; in fact, it typically takes only 3 appointments to completely fit a patient’s mouth with custom veneers.

Little maintenance is typically required to maintain the vibrant appearance of veneers. Through only normal dental care, porcelain veneers can ensure a bright, healthy smile for five or even ten years before they need replacement. With such long-term results, our porcelain veneers work as a great option for anyone looking to seriously makeover their smile.


Many people think of braces when they hear “Invisalign.” And while Invisalign works in much the same way as braces, it does so without any of the obvious metal hardware. Invisalign solves many of the same dental issues, producing a healthier smile that requires minimal maintenance over the years.

By fitting over the teeth and gently realigning them into the optimal position, Invisalign straightens teeth in only 9 to 15 months. Adjustments to the Invisalign aligners are made every two weeks, as opposed to the six week periods between adjustments to metal braces, allowing for a gentler process on adult mouths. Plus, Invisalign can be easily removed to allow patients to floss normally and eat whatever they like.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

At My Family Dentistry, we offer a tried and true method for teeth whitening, the KöR Deep Bleaching System. Where over-the-counter teeth whiteners often lead to splotchy, unhealthy results, the KöR Deep Bleaching System provides professional-grade whitening by pulling oxygen deep into the surface of your teeth, dissolving stains and leaving them naturally white.

Like all of our cosmetic dentistry solutions, the whitening trays included with this service are fully customized to fit the contours of your mouth alone. By wearing these whitening trays filled with KöR whitening gel each night for only two weeks, the KöR Deep Bleaching System produces a whiter, healthier smile for life!

With so many options available, why hide your smile any longer? Stop by My Family Dentistry for a consultation, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs, budget, and goals for a brand new smile. Contact us if you have any questions about getting a smile makeover and to set up an appointment.

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