Dental Implants Testimonial: My Dentist Until the Day I Die

Dental Implants Video Testimonial

Finding a Knoxville dentist that you like is hard enough under normal circumstances. But when you’ve got an issue that requires serious surgery (dental implants, for example) or other extensive procedures, it’s vital that you have a dentist you can trust with your treatment, comfort, and oral health.

Dental Implants in One Day

One of our satisfied patients, describes needing implants because some of his teeth “had fillings that couldn’t be repaired and gum disease that he’d avoided “treating like [he] should have.”

We offer a popular service called My Teeth Today, which allows you to replace missing or damaged teeth in just a couple of hours. We can give you back a full, strong, beautiful smile that looks and feels natural. The biocompatible titanium rods used to anchor your new crowns (the “tooth” part of your implants) are installed directly into your jaw, but with local anesthesia and Dr. Mullins’ expert care, the procedure goes by quickly with little pain or discomfort.

After his implants were installed, our patient was understandably impressed. “When I left there, I was in good shape. Didn’t have any pain. Got up the next day, got dressed, went to work as usual, no issues.”

Customer Care to Last a Lifetime

Our professional experience and the relaxing, spa-like atmosphere are just a couple of reasons why our clients keep coming back. The other is our commitment to providing the best experience possible.

At My Family Dentistry, we care for our patients like family. Whether the person in our chair is a young child nervous about their first visit, a teen getting their braces adjusted, or an adult curious about options for tooth replacement, our standard of care remains the same. We want everyone who comes into our office to feel welcome and secure in the knowledge that they’ll be treated with respect and compassion, along with the latest dental techniques and equipment.

“Dr. Mullins always [comes] to the rescue: on the weekend, at night, whenever it may be,” according to our patient. “You just don’t find that from everybody and the commitment that they made to support me through this process, I think it’s just unsurpassed…this will be my dentist until the day that I die.”

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