Can Buteyko Breathing Improve Your Asthma?

Can Buteyko Breathing Improve Your Asthma

Asthma is a widespread respiratory condition that affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. In America alone, nearly 26 million people have asthma. For some, it can be very severe, limiting even normal activities, like sports or hiking. While powerful and effective medications, including steroids and bronchodilators, exist to help you breathe more easily, they’re not the only option. Therapies like the Buteyko Breathing Method may also work to minimize the symptoms of respiratory issues. Can Buteyko breathing improve your asthma? Learn more about it below.

Buteyko Breathing and Respiratory Disorders

Hyperventilation – either breathing too deeply or too quickly – can lower the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. Because of this, the blood’s acid-base balance is thrown off, as well as its oxygen levels. Dr. Konstantin Buteyko theorized that several common respiratory issues, from asthma to obstructive sleep apnea, were caused by chronic hyperventilation.

Dr. Buteyko created this technique based on his theory regarding hyperventilation. The Buteyko Breathing Method seeks to minimize or cure the symptoms of respiratory disorders. By “retraining” a patient’s breathing patterns, hyperventilation may cease. This physical therapy focuses on relaxation and emphasizes slower, regulated nasal breathing, and breath holding

Can Buteyko Breathing Improve Your Asthma?

The Buteyko Breathing Association claims that by using this technique to stabilize breathing patterns, asthma sufferers can enjoy an improved range of body functions, more relaxed smooth muscle around the airways, and better oxygen delivery to the cells.

Some asthma sufferers claim to have found success in managing their condition through the Buteyko method. You shouldn’t go against medical advice or stop using prescribed medication to manage your condition, of course. But the Buteyko method is at the very least not a non-harmful alternative therapy and unlikely to cause the type of stress or irritation to your airways that could bring on an attack.

Besides Buteyko breathing, Dr. Mullins can offer other alternatives to treatment of respiratory conditions like sleep apnea. Contact us today and set up an appointment to discuss your needs.

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