Why Our First Patient & Her Family Are Still Our Patients—And Always Plan To Be

Fifteen years ago, Kym Bryant was driving home and noticed a sign for the new My Family Dentistry practice on Connor Road. Kym had grown up in Powell, but had never really established a life-long commitment to a dentist in the area. She knew she was due for an exam and cleaning, and that her husband and their young daughters—then age 2 and 8—would soon be as well, so she decided to give the new practice a shot.

“I called and made an appointment, and it turns out I was their first patient,” Kym says. “My Family Dentistry was right next to our pediatrician’s office and not far from our house, so I figured it was worth a try.”

During her first visit, Kym said that she could tell this was a different kind of dental practice. Laura, Kym’s hygienist and Dr. Wes Mullins’ wife, offered to give Kym a warm paraffin wax treatment on her hands and asked if she’d like to choose a soothing aromatherapy scent as well. 

“I’ve never had a fear of dentists, but I could tell they wanted to eliminate the stress for those who are uncomfortable and make the experience more like a self-care visit instead of torture,” Kym recalls.

However, even though the spa-like touches were lovely, it was the professional care and her interactions with Dr. Wes and Laura that won Kym over. 

“I’m a pretty good judge of character,” Kym says, explaining, “They seemed to have a real sense of integrity and wanting to do things differently, not just the way it’s always done. I was impressed with Dr. Wes’ knowledge. He was young, but it was clear he was incredibly knowledgeable and forthright. I liked that.”

A Dentist That Passed The Kid Test, Too

Kym felt so good about her new patient exam that she decided to see how her young daughters would do at My Family Dentistry. “We had been going to a pediatric dentistry practice across town, but we didn’t love it,” Kym says. “They also wouldn’t let parents come back to the exam rooms with the kids, which we didn’t care for.

“I wanted a place where our whole family could feel comfortable going,” Kym says. “I took our oldest daughter first, and she thought everyone was really nice. Plus she got to watch cartoons during the exam, which she thought was great. So I took our youngest daughter next and she also loved it. Finally, my husband went and was also impressed.” Kym felt she’d found their family dentist.

“The girls would actually look forward to when they would get to go back to the dentist. Imagine that!” Kym laughs. “They loved how Dr. Wes was a jokester with them. He was funny and relatable and didn’t really have that intimidating finger-wagging attitude with them, so they felt comfortable.”

Kym knows that feeling safe and respected by dentistry staff is not a small thing. “Dentistry is one health service that really gets in your personal space. The dentist and hygienists are in your really personal space. They’re in your face, literally, so establishing that sense of respect is crucial.”

She adds, “Over the years, we all have gotten to know the rest of the staff as the practice has grown, and we all feel just as comfortable with everyone now as we did initially with Laura and Dr. Wes. They make you feel like family. You’re not just a number on a chart.”

Valuing You As A Person, Not Just A Set Of Teeth

Over the years, Kym says she and her family have felt that their visits with My Family Dentistry have seemed more about overall well-being than just about dentistry.

“Dr. Wes is very forward-thinking and always doing the next best thing that will benefit his patients,” Kym says, pointing out that My Family Dentistry offers orthodontics like Invisalign and braces, myofunctional solutions, and help for chronic congestion and sleep apnea through their Knoxville Sleep Center, as well as cosmetic services like Botox and Juvederm.

“I like that we don’t have to bounce around from our dentist to an orthodontist, for example, or to a sleep doctor for issues that Dr. Wes is trained and equipped to handle. I also like that they offer cosmetic services like Botox and fillers for those who want it. 

“They’re all about looking at the whole person and helping people feel healthier and better about themselves.”

Over time, Kym says Dr. Wes and the staff at My Family Dentistry have helped with gum procedures for the girls as they’ve gotten older, nightguards to help her and her husband with grinding their teeth at night, Invisalign for Kym, as well as crowns and a cracked tooth for her and her husband.

“I had a really painful tooth that broke off after hours. Wes was actually mowing his yard, but told me to meet him at the office in 30 minutes. He stuck a temporary crown on so I wasn’t in pain until we could fix it permanently,” she recalls.  

Whatever the procedure, Kym says that she’s never felt like Dr. Wes or the staff is in it for the charges. “Dr. Wes will present you with options. For example, with a crown he’ll explain the less expensive route versus another option, but he’s always very honest about the pros and cons of each choice and he respects what you’re most comfortable with—financially and physically.”

Kym, her husband, and their daughters—now 17 and 24—know that the level of service and comfort they’ve experienced at My Family Dentistry would be hard to find anywhere else. 

“I feel really fortunate that we found My Family Dentistry,” Kym says, adding, “We have no intention of ever leaving. In fact, our insurance changed about 3 years ago and they were no longer on our plan but we just dropped dental and stayed with them anyway. We’ve trusted them with our kids and our health, and that says a lot. I do and will continue to recommend them to anybody, and so would my kids and husband.”

Family dentistry is the heart and soul of our practice. Dr. Wesley Mullins and his team provide compassionate care, extensive experience, a gentle touch, and exceptional dentistry that will make you feel like you’re part of our family, because you are.

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