3 Local Patients Share How Implants, Crowns & Veneers Can Transform Your Teeth

We love it when we hear from our patients that we’ve helped them feel great about their teeth, gums, or smiles, while also making them feel comfortable and valued. It confirms our guiding mission, which is to care for our patients as if they’re our own family members, with compassion and expertise. 

Depending on each patient’s unique circumstances, this may mean easing a patient’s fears about a general exam, or helping with an emergency situation, or offering ongoing solutions for teeth that both look and feel better. 

For example, a few of our well-known specialties include dental implants, crowns, and veneers. The difference between the three can be confusing, but in a nutshell can be explained as:

  • Implants replace a tooth with a fully functional implant that’s embedded in your jaw.
  • Crowns (or “caps”)  restore and cover damaged teeth without removing or implanting the teeth.
  • Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that adhere to the front surface of your teeth.

Each of these procedures can drastically improve how a patient’s teeth function and look. Whether the need is functional, cosmetic, or both, when implants, crowns, and veneers are done properly, the effect is transformative. 

Such was the case for 3 of our patients—Denise, John, and Joe—who expressed their appreciation through their reviews on our Facebook page:

Denise’s Implant Scare

Denise C. had an urgent need for implant repair. She wrote, “After a local doctor botched my implant and it broke after 4 years with years of infection in the implant gone “unnoticed,” it cracked one day and shattered. I was scared and called My Family Dentistry in a panic. I was a brand new patient and they were closing in just a few short hours. They calmed me down and told me to head on in! I mean, this was one of my front teeth with metal in it! They fixed me right up and have been amazing explaining everything.”

John’s New Crowns

John S. needed crowns and some other dental attention, but he wasn’t sure where to go. He said, “I recently found myself needing two crowns and other work to be done on my teeth. I have Humana insurance, but many dentists do not accept it, apparently. I live in Powell, and happened to notice the My Family Dentistry sign, went in and found they do accept it. I set up the appointment, and got the two new crowns. They look great. That was about 4 months ago.”

John added, “Today, I went in and got some bonding done to my lower front teeth that had lost a lot of the enamel. I really did not know how important it was to do this to keep the teeth from really giving me trouble. The work took a couple of hours to finish, and I dozed off in the chair. I apologized to Dr. and said sorry to be so rude. He said that’s just fine, it shows it’s not hurting you. I look forward to more dental care. Really appreciate the care and concern that Dr. Mullins and his entire staff give.”

Jim’s Repaired Veneers

Jim J. first came to My Family Dentistry because he was unhappy with two veneers that another dentist had put on his front teeth. The veneers had fractured, and he wasn’t sure whether or not they could be properly repaired. Fortunately, Dr. Mullins was able to have a solid plan to bond and repair his two front teeth so that they looked flawless and would last without fracturing.

Jim said, “Doctor Wes is simply the best. He fixed my front teeth after another local dentist botched the job. I could not give a bigger recommendation for my new dentist. The other great part is that he has chosen a staff that is highly knowledgeable and skilled at their job and they are also the nicest people. I usually dread going to the dentist but, honestly I couldn’t wait to return to visit with all of them. The name “My Family Dentistry” is a perfect fit. Thank you so much.”

Denise, John, and Jim are perfect examples of how dental implants, crowns, and veneers make all the difference—when they’re done right. The key is to find a dental practice that you trust and that will give you the expertise and compassion you deserve—which happens to be our mission at My Family Dentistry. 

As Denise said several months after her implant repair experience, “Dr. Mullins and the entire staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have been seeing them for a little over a year now, and once I overslept an appointment by about 15 minutes. They texted me and made sure I was safe, because it was an unusual pattern for me! I was flabbergasted! Such a wonderful group! I don’t ever want to switch! I LOVE them! I tell everyone about them!”

Another patient named Kym, who happened to be the very first patient at My Family Dentistry, added, “Dr. Wes will present you with options. For example, with a crown he’ll explain the less expensive route versus another option, but he’s always very honest about the pros and cons of each choice and he respects what you’re most comfortable with—financially and physically.” 

Exceptional, caring family dentistry is the heart and soul of our practice. Dr. Wesley Mullins and his team provide compassionate care, extensive experience, a gentle touch, and exceptional dentistry that will make you feel like you’re part of our family, because you are.

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