Getting to Know Dr. Austin Owen, DDS

Back in May, we announced that Dr. Austin Owen would be joining the My Family Dentistry team. We believe that he will take our quality of care to the next level and expand the list of services we’re able to offer our patients.Dr. Austin Owen 

We are extremely excited to add Dr. Owen to our team. To learn more about him, check out our previous blog introducing him as well as Dr. Wes and Laura’s video interview with him on Facebook!


Dr. Owen attended Southern Adventist University just outside of Chattanooga, Tenn. for his undergraduate degree and graduated in 2012. He majored in mathematics while also finding time to minor in chemistry, biology, and religion. 

After graduating, Dr. Owen took a year and a half off to marry the love of his life and enjoy being newlyweds. He knew he wanted to attend dental school, but neither of them wanted to start graduate school while being newly married. 

Dr. Owen used this time to his advantage. He took a couple of classes, but what really impacted him was his work as a patient transporter in a hospital. 

“In the hospital, nobody gets to talk that much except for the transporter that’s with them for 15 minutes straight without doing anything,” he says. 

This experience allowed him to engage with people from all different walks of life at very vulnerable points in their lives. 

The Owens then packed up for Southern California to attend the Loma Linda School of Dentistry. While there, he received multiple awards for clinical skill and pediatric dentistry. He had a job lined up before he graduated in 2018, where he worked until joining My Family Dentistry this year.


Dr. Owen has pursued advanced training in multiple aspects of dentistry. This includes:

Along with these, he is also Invisalign certified. Simply put, Dr. Austin Owen is fully capable of providing you with the brightest smile possible. When it comes to continuing his education, there’s no better place than My Family Dentistry.

“When I’m working with Dr. Mullins, every day is a CE (continuing education) course,” Dr. Owen says. 

Dr. Owen’s Passion for Dentistry

Dr. Owen’s favorite part of being a dentist is making patients feel comfortable. He understands that the dentist’s chair isn’t everyone’s favorite place to be, so he does everything he can to make it as comfortable as possible.

“There are a lot of people who have a lot of apprehensions about dentists, and I really get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the chair. I know not everyone is going to love coming to the dentist and that’s okay, but as long as they feel that they’re in good hands and they’re trusting then that’s super-satisfying to me.”

He also enjoys the meticulous nature of dentistry. Dr. Owen is a perfectionist down to the core. By striving for perfection as a dentist, he’s ensuring that you have the best experience possible and receive the best care available.

Dr. Owen has a special interest in orthodontics. He loves making people feel more confident in their smiles both functionally as well as aesthetically. This means ensuring that your teeth feel comfortable when they come together, as well as keeping them pearly white. This interest includes crowns and fillings, which can also improve the functionality of your teeth.

Another interest of Dr. Owen’s is root canals. While it’s safe to say that no one enjoys getting a root canal, he sees them as a way of improving your overall quality of life. “They have a bad stigma, but they have really great results when done correctly,” he says. “Patients associate them with pain, but it’s what gets them out of pain.”

Joining My Family Dentistry

Dr. Owen looks forward to joining My Family Dentistry. “It makes me feel good about saying I’m a member of My Family Dentistry,” he says “I’m proud to say I’m a member of it because with that name comes a reputation for being exceptional.”

Dr. Owen is excited to continue our 15-year tradition of providing the highest level of care. His addition to the team is a step toward creating a more well-rounded approach to dentistry that’s about more than just caring for patients. It’s about going above and beyond to make sure patients are being treated with excellence.

How He Spends His Free Time

Dr. Owen is a devoted husband and proud father of two little girls. He and his wife shared a desire to relocate back to Tennessee “where the grass is literally greener,” and they’re excited that joining My Family Dentistry gave them that opportunity.

Dr. Owen and his family love spending time outdoors. They love outdoor activities like hiking and biking. They’re also avid gardeners and have recently grown 6 lbs of tomatoes, which is only about 1/4 of what they planted. He’s pretty sure that his daughters have spent more time outside since being back than all their time in California. Dr. Owen is also an accomplished violinist and pianist.

We look forward to you getting to know Dr. Owen better as you come in for your routine visits. He shares our passion for providing the best dentistry possible in an environment that creates comfort and ease. 

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