How the My Family Dentistry Advantage Program Helped One Patient Save Hundreds of Dollars

We announced our new My Family Dentistry Advantage Program back in June and could not be happier with the response from our patients. The Advantage Program functions a lot like a subscription program, giving our patients access to much-needed services as well as discounts that can lead to significant savings. My Family Dentistry Advantage Program

Have you ever:

  • Avoided going to the dentist due to a lack of insurance or poor coverage?
  • Been denied coverage by your insurer to treat a dental problem?
  • Had difficulty figuring out what’s covered and what isn’t by your insurer?

If you said yes to any of these or all three, you’re not alone. At My Family Dentistry, we’re passionate believers that comfortable, quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. What’s more — it should be simple! 

That’s why we developed the Advantage Program. We wanted to create a solution for our patients with no hidden fees or second-guessing. The Advantage Program offers affordable, predictable dental care with the same quality of care and service you’ve come to know from My Family Dentistry. 

Joan’s Story

A long-time patient of My Family Dentistry, Joan recently experienced the benefits of our new Advantage Program. She had heard of it previously, but the value of the program truly became apparent when she came in for a cleaning appointment. 

Joan immediately saw the value and savings the program offers, saying, “I was immediately sold because I didn’t have dental insurance. It seems like, from what I’ve experienced in having dental insurance, it’s just as good or even a little better.”

Upon signing up, Joan immediately began to save on her:

  • Cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Two fillings a month later
  • A crown

According to Joan, her Advantage Program membership has already saved her more money than she’s paid into it. She estimates that she saved around $300 and knows that it saved her around $200 on the day of her cleaning.

Like many of our patients, Joan doesn’t have dental insurance. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have access to quality dental care when she needs it most. When asked if she could have gotten the dental work she needed without the Advantage Program, Joan said that she would have had to spread it out further. She highly recommends the Advantage Program to those without dental insurance or those who don’t have enough coverage.

What You Get With Our Advantage Program

With our in-house subscription program, you get full access to preventative dental care for the low cost of $32 – $75 a month. This eliminates worrying about hidden fees, denial of coverage, or putting off visiting the dentist due to lack of coverage.

All programs include:

  • 2 professional cleanings per year
  • 1 periodic exam per year
  • 2 fluoride treatments per year
  • 4 bitewing X-rays once per year
  • 1 set of FMX/panoramic X-rays every 5 years
  • 1 emergency exam per year (if needed)
  • 15% off all other treatments (some exclusions may apply)
  • $99 Lifetime Activation Fee includes the first month

The importance of preventative oral health care can’t be overstated. It begins in childhood and lasts your whole life. That’s why it’s so important to have access to quality dental care that you can trust. At My Family Dentistry, our Advantage Program is just one more way we’re striving to provide the best dental care to our community.

Why Joan Loves My Family Dentistry

While Joan definitely enjoys the perks of being an Advantage Program member, it’s not the only thing she appreciates about My Family Dentistry. She also appreciates the staff. 

“You don’t ever feel like you’re rushed in and rushed out,” she says. “They’ve always been kind. I did call back on my bill and they went over it with me. Everybody goes out of their way to answer any questions and make you feel comfortable.

Joan also appreciates the thought that Dr. Mullins and the rest of our staff have put into closely following COVID-19 guidelines. Dentists are at the front lines and she appreciates the care we put into protecting patients and themselves. “They follow everything to a tee,” she says, “They’re very on top of it.”

Most of all, she appreciates the time Dr. Mullins and our staff put into caring for each patient. 

I just really appreciate the extra time Dr. Mullins and the girls take with you to explain why you need what they think you need, not just because they’re trying to sell you something. It helps better yourself down the road so you don’t need more work and prevents other loss. I just appreciate the individual time to answer questions or concerns. My biggest thing with the whole office is that they’re very informative and educational in addition to being kind and courteous.

We’re always looking for ways to improve at My Family Dentistry. Whether it’s providing an easier way to afford quality dental care like the Advantage Program or simply taking the extra time to answer questions, your health and comfort are our top priorities. 

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