5 Surprising Facts About Flossing

Many adults neglect flossing despite knowing that it’s important. This could be due to not understanding how important it is for basic oral health, that it can help prevent other health problems, or even how much easier it can be. dental floss

To help motivate you to start flossing, we’ve compiled a list of five surprising facts about flossing. 

  • Flossing may help prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Flossing has other surprising health benefits
  • You have more flossing options than you may think
  • Flossing can still be easy with braces
  • You can still floss with joint pain

1. Flossing May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

We recently posted a blog titled The Surprising Connection Between Oral Health and Alzheimer’s where we look at the latest research on the topic. According to a recent study published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a possible link has been discovered between gum disease and Alzheimer’s.

As we said in our article:

As part of the study, researchers examined the saliva, brain tissue, and spinal fluid of both living and deceased Alzheimer’s sufferers. They found that 96% of the 53 brain tissue samples had higher concentrations of gingipains in people with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. In short, it’s possible for bacteria related to gum disease to move from the mouth to the brain, resulting in Alzheimer’s symptoms.

More research needs to be done on the topic. With that said, it goes to show how important flossing is. Not only does it protect your mouth from bacteria, but it may help protect your overall health, too.

2. Flossing Has Other Surprising Health Benefits

Flossing provides benefits beyond preventing gum diseases like gingivitis. In Why Flossing Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution, we explore a number of ways in which flossing supports your overall health. This includes health issues such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory health
  • Heart disease

Flossing can’t prevent diabetes. However, it can help protect your teeth and gums from the effects of the disease, such as the reduced ability to fight bacteria. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, our respiratory health may be affected by bacteria that works its way from the mouth down into the lungs. 

Recent studies have indicated that those with poor oral health are more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. While flossing is only a part of maintaining good oral hygiene, it’s another great reason to make flossing a daily habit.     

3. You Have More Flossing Options Than You May Think

One of the reasons that many people don’t floss is because they see it as a hassle. In Best Flossing Tools, we look at ways to clean between your teeth that don’t require dental floss. While flavored dental floss is a classic option, consider one of these alternatives to make the process less time consuming and even more effective.

WaterPik Water Flosser

The WaterPik Water Flosser has been a favorite of My Family Dentistry for years. It uses a powerful stream of water to comfortably clean between your teeth. Not only is it a more comfortable method than traditional floss, but it can be as much as 99.9% more effective when used correctly. 

BURST Water Flosser

The Burst Water Flosser is one of the newest water flossers on the market and we are big fans of it. It offers three modes to blast away plaque and debris from between your teeth and gums. This sleek water flosser is compact and comes with a USB charger and travel bag for when you’re on the go. You can also buy optional tips if you have periodontal issues or braces. 

Flossing Picks

Flossing picks can be a great option for those who still want to use traditional floss but not have to go through the hassle that comes with it. Traditional floss can be difficult to maneuver in your mouth, and it can also be uncomfortable if you wrap it too tightly around your fingers. 

Flossing picks are pieces of plastic with floss already attached. They provide more comfort by allowing for more control over the floss while also reducing the time it takes to floss each night before bed. You can even buy them in different flavors. 

4. Flossing Can Still Be Easy With Braces

Flossing with braces can be…tricky. Fortunately, dental hygiene technology has finally caught up with people trying to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. The Waterpik Flosser and Burst Water Flosser are great options for this, but we’ve also covered a couple of other options in What Are the Best Flossing Tools for Braces? 

Floss Threaders

It is possible to use traditional floss with braces thanks to floss threaders. These helpful tools make the process much easier by allowing you to thread traditional dental floss through the wiring of the braces and between your teeth. This process can take longer than other methods, but it’s cheap and effective.

Oral-B Super Floss

If you want to step-up your floss game, check out Oral-B Super Floss made specifically for people with braces. It’s made from a regular piece of floss but with a rigid plastic end to help you quickly insert it between the wiring of your braces and your teeth. It also has a “spongy” section to help clean around your gums as well as the wiring and brackets of your braces.

5. You Can Still Floss With Joint Pain

Conditions such as arthritis can greatly decrease your mobility due to stiff, swollen joints. As your mobility decreases, you lose the ability to do things that you love. Not only that, but you can also lose the ability to perform tasks that you need to do.

In Having Trouble Brushing and Flossing Because of Joint Pain?, we look at ways to maintain good oral health with decreased mobility. Along with opening toothpaste lids and handling small brush handles, flossing can become much more difficult. Thankfully, you can buy floss holders that extend your reach to remove bacteria from between your teeth.

Flossing is an extremely important part of oral health, but some people may not realize just how important. Whether it’s preventing gingivitis or other ailments, you have plenty of options to help clean between your teeth. This is true even if you have braces or deal with reduced mobility.

Are you concerned about betting a better clean between your teeth? Contact us today and schedule an appointment to assess your oral health and how you can make it better. 

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