The Complete Guide to Our New Dental Office in Powell, TN

We are thrilled about our recently opened dental office in Powell, TN. It will allow us to continue providing you and your family with the high-quality dental care that you love at My Family Dentistry. Even more importantly, our new office allows you to experience that same dental care in an environment tailored to your comfort. dentist on emory rd, powell 

Our new dental office in Powell, TN, will give you the best dental care experience with more space, privacy, and fewer distractions. This will serve to enhance what sets us apart from other dental practices, namely the quality of service and quality of products we provide. Our team has their own aspects of the new office they’re excited about which are sure to benefit you as well, regardless of the dental services you’re receiving.

How Our New Dental Office in Powell, TN Will Provide Increased Comfort

At My Family Dentistry, we believe in providing comfortable, worry-free dentistry to you and your family. This belief was at the forefront of our minds as we designed our new dental office, and we are thrilled for you to see the final result. We have planned every aspect of our new office to be relaxing and spa-like for the best dental experience possible.

More Privacy

We knew that privacy would be one of our biggest priorities in the new building. While the layout of our old office was versatile, it sometimes didn’t provide the seclusion patients prefer. So, we designed our new consultation rooms with the goal of maximum privacy in mind.

Our complex care rooms are still in progress, but they will provide more private space once complete. This will help create a more relaxing atmosphere and provide more confidentiality between you, Dr. Mullins and Dr. Owen, and the rest of our team. Patients who struggle with dental anxiety are sure to feel more relaxed with a focus on more private spaces.

Fewer Distractions

The increased privacy of our new building also helps cut down on another problem — distractions. The open floor plan layout of our old office had plenty of benefits. Namely, everything was easy to get to once you left our waiting room and entered the dental area. Unfortunately, this also created more distractions while you sat in the dentist’s chair.

One of the biggest changes we have made to reduce distractions is with our sterilization area. Previously located in the center of our work area in our old office, our new dental office in Powell, TN, has it off to itself. Now you won’t be distracted by people walking behind you to sterilize equipment, creating a more calm and relaxing environment for your appointment.

More Space

We had outgrown our old office in many ways. As we gained more wonderful patients, it became more difficult to see them quickly. This required us to schedule patients further out than we’d like, causing them to take longer to see us for cleanings and other dental needs. Now with more space to work in, we are able to see you much faster to provide the dental care you deserve.

As Taylor, one of our dental hygienists explains:

People won’t have to be scheduled out as long to be seen due to space issues. This goes for sitting in the waiting room too, so they’ll have a chair to sit in even if we are running behind. With as much space as we’re adding, we have more resources to treat patients better. It also gives us more capacity to work without worrying about being in each other’s way.

More space also lets us provide more treatments to you and the rest of our patients. It will allow us to continue performing the same services you know us for, such as:

  • Veneers
  • Implants
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Myofunctional therapy

All of the new rooms are individualized to support the procedure being performed. Combined with other benefits of our new building such as more privacy and fewer distractions, we will be able to perform these services in the most comfortable environment possible. 

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What Sets Us Apart From Other Dental Officesdenist in powell, tn

At My Family Dentistry, we have always prided ourselves on two aspects of our dental practice:

  • The quality of service we provide
  • The quality of products we use

We have always provided the highest quality of service you’ll find in the area. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t always be improving in some way. With our new dental office in Powell, TN, we will be equipped to provide a level of service not possible in our old space. This is a prospect that every one of our team members is thrilled about.

As with our quality of service, the quality of the products we use in our office has always been high. According to Laura, one of our dental hygienists:

There is so much time and research invested into literally every product that we use to know that they are the best on the market, or at least the best that works with the materials that we use. And Dr. Mullins and Dr. Owen commit themselves to always improving their techniques. Our hygienists and our assistants also commit themselves to improving on a daily basis.

With our new office, we will continue to provide you with the same quality that you’ve come to expect from our team. The increase in space may allow us to even offer new treatments and products in the future. When that happens, you can rest assured that we will have vetted everything we use to the smallest detail, ensuring that it’s the best option for our patients.

Our Favorite Things About Our New Office

We’re passionate about oral health here at My Family Dentistry, and our new dental office in Powell, TN, will allow us to care for yours like never before. It’s a major step up from our old location and gives us the opportunity to tailor every detail the way we want it. It allows us to create the most relaxing environment possible where your oral health can be cared for. 

For a better idea of what to expect, we talked to our staff about the new building and what they’re most excited about. Every detail has been designed to benefit our patients and our team alike. It has been designed for the optimum dental experience in a building that promotes calm and relaxation, with the ability to talk freely and openly with our staff about your treatments.

1. A Private Consultation Room

We have said before that privacy was one of our biggest priorities when designing our new building. A great example of how we have achieved this is with our private consultation room. Discussing your progress and treatments can be a sensitive topic, and our old location wasn’t the best layout for that. Our new space lets us have those conversations much more candidly.

Dr. Mullins had the opportunity to discuss this new area in one of our recent videos on Facebook. As he toured the new building, he said of the private consultation room:

One of the things that we’re building at My Family Dentistry is a special area where patients can come and privately have conversations about any concerns they may have. This can be about basic oral health questions, treatments, or any important financial questions they may have. This special room has glass walls so you feel like you’re in an open area and feel comfortable.

2. Increased Privacy in Our Operatoriesknoxville dentists

Continuing our theme of privacy, our new operatories are much more private than those in our old office. They provide another fantastic place to discuss your treatments without having to worry if someone can hear your conversation. This is perfect if you have serious concerns about your oral health or if you’re simply a new patient that needs time to adjust to a new office.

Jordan, one of our dental hygienists, is thrilled about the new operatories. “I think people are going to be a lot more comfortable having more private space and not hearing all the noises,” she says. “Especially our more nervous patients who are more on edge anyway. No one likes hearing the sound of the drill, so being able to hear less of that will be really good for them.”

Kyleigh, one of our dental assistants, agrees with how important patient privacy is. “Conversations are going to be more confidential,” she says. “We’re going to have the opportunity to make it a more quiet atmosphere when you’re in the dental chair and not have so much outside noise. Sterilization is off to itself so that will cut down on a lot of distractions.”

As Laura explains, privacy is extremely important when it comes to providing comfortable dentistry. One of her favorite things about our new operating rooms is that the “surgical suite is a room all by itself so those people who will be having surgeries will have their own area away from the rest of the office. It’s very private and very comfortable.”

3. Larger Operatories

As you can probably tell, we’re thrilled about the operatories in our new building. Kate, one of our dedicated dental assistants, is very excited about the benefits they will provide for our patients as well as our staff. She loves interacting with patients and looks forward to how those interactions will be made even better with our new operating rooms.

or one, they are a lot bigger than what we had. They’re going to be a lot quieter and more comforting when we’re working on patients. It’s going to be very quiet when we go to present treatment plants or talk to you one on one. We won’t have to worry about a lot of commotion going on and being interrupted. That’s a big plus that we’re looking forward to at My Family Dentistry.

4. Updated Technology

Technology is one of the most critical factors when choosing a dentist. While you aren’t expected to know the function of every piece of technology, noticing new equipment and tools is always a good sign. Updated technology enhances your comfort during an appointment and shows that a dentist is staying up to date on the latest changes in the dental field.

We have used our new office as an opportunity to upgrade all of our equipment. Our new sterilization center is a perfect example of this with a new focus on central sterilization that includes special counters certified for medical environments. We have also added a new instrument washer that makes sure our staff has minimal contact with bacteria. 

5. Calming Colors

Although many people may not realize it, the colors we see in our daily life actually have a major impact on our mood. With this in mind, we have even included our office color scheme as an important factor in our new building. We have also made sure to include large windows to allow plenty of natural light to brighten up our new office.

As Laura explains, “I think that the colors that we’ve used for the rooms are very comforting colors. They’re very natural colors that remind you of calm. I like that the windows have natural light coming in, but we’ll also be able to block some of that light so that it’s not too intense in the rooms.”

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Our Dental Servicesdentist near me

Our new dental office in Powell, TN, will allow us to continue offering a wide range of dental services for you and your family. From cleanings to Invisalign, our new building will enable us to perform these services on a whole new level. At My Family Dentistry, we believe that everyone deserves a smile that they can be proud of, and our new building will help us provide it.

Click here to view our complete list of dental services!

Pediatric Dentistry

We all want the best for our children, including a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Here at My Family Dentistry, we know how scary visiting the dentist can be for kids. This is why we work so hard to make visiting our office as fun and as comfortable as possible for them. Whether they need a cleaning or something more complex, we are here to support their oral health.

Root Canals

Few words are as scary for patients as “root canal.” Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Our team puts a special focus on worry-free dentistry to help ensure that root canals along with other intimidating procedures are as pain-free as possible. We used updated treatment methods to help prevent any unnecessary stress or discomfort. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your teeth do more than help you chew. They also let you express how you feel with your beautiful smile. Unfortunately, you may not have the smile that you’ve always dreamed of. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services to help fix this problem and give you the smile that you deserve. From whitening to veneers, we can help you get the perfect smile.


Having misaligned teeth can be frustrating, but the prospect of adult braces can seem even worse. Thanks to Invisalign, you can get the smile that you’ve always wanted without the need for metal. They are a series of plastic aligner trays that have been customized to fit your mouth. They let you straighten your teeth without anyone else being the wiser!

Oral Cancer Screenings

We always make sure to check for signs of oral cancer at My Family Dentistry. With our oral cancer screenings, we can spot the signs early on so that you get the treatment you need. Although relatively rare, Dr. Mullins and Dr. Owen will look at your gums, tongue, and other soft tissue for signs of oral cancer as another way to help protect your oral and overall health.

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With our new dental office in Powell, TN, our team will be able to provide you with the best dental care experience possible. It will allow us to continue focusing on what sets us apart from other dental practices — the level of service and quality of products that we provide. Our team has their own features that they’re excited about for the new office, but we’re also excited since they are sure to benefit you, as well. 

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