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About My Family Dentistry

Proudly serving patients in Powell and Knoxville, TN.

More Than a Dental Office

My Family Dentistry is unique among local dentists: we practice a comfortable dentistry approach to dental services. If you experience anxiety when going to the dentist, finding the right provider can be tricky. Dr. Mullins practices “comfortable dentistry” and is here to put you at ease.

The atmosphere of the office and spa-like relaxation treatments are a key element in comfortable dentistry, because they both help distract the patient from anxiety, and stimulate the senses in a positive way. The paraffin hand treatments, for example, serve a very specific purpose. As Dr. Mullins says, “Stimulating the hand actually decreases pain receptors in the mouth, so if there is discomfort, they are less likely to feel it.”

Our Mission

Your dental health is just as important as your physical and mental wellness. But when you’re missing a tooth (or several), keeping your mouth healthy becomes more difficult. Without tooth replacement, the jawbone can lose density and weaken. The surrounding teeth and gums become more vulnerable to harmful bacteria and disease. And that’s all on top of the discomfort and self-consciousness you may already be experiencing.

At My Family Dentistry, our team is experienced in helping patients understand and undergo dental implant therapy. Dr. Mullins and Dr. Owen provides thorough and knowledgeable dental care – he invests in continuing education and in the latest surgical and technological advances, passing the benefits on to his team and patients every day.

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