Bad Breath Causes and Treatment

According to the American Dental Association that cites a study by the Council of Scientific Affairs, approximately 50 percent of Americans suffer from bad breath,

Comfortable Dentistry

A recent survey showed that more people fear going to the dentist than they fear heights, dogs, or public speaking. This fear is typically rooted

Causes for Teeth Stains

Causes for teeth stain – you are what you eat! How many times have you heard that expression? We’ve come to understand that the food

The Facts About Gum Disease

According to statistics and studies, more than 75 percent of all Americans have some form of gum disease, however, only about 60 percent have knowledge

Holiday Food and Your Teeth

Christmas cakes, pies, cookies, and snacks are some of the most enjoyable things about the holiday season. However, these seasonal treats could wreak havoc on

The 3D Dental Exam

3D Dental Exam is now easier than ever with the Lava chair-side oral scanner! In recent years, a visit to the dentist could mean having a

Teeth Whitening is a Bright Idea!

Practically every tube of toothpaste promises to make your teeth whiter. There are dozens of over the counter products that say they can turn your